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What can I do to kick stubborn, recurrent yeast infections?

For the last two years I've been battling this thing and yes, I've been to a doctor. I used Monistat and Diflucan, and something else, but none of it helped. Actually, the Monistat made it worse. Diflucan gave me one slightly better day, but still no relief.

Using homeopathy (acidophilus, apple cider vinegar, and antifungals like oregano and garlic) I've gotten almost-complete relief, but it just won't go away. I think it's probably spread by now, but I don't know what to do.

I do wear tight pants a few days a week, but they're actually pretty breathable. I don't wear nylon skivvies, I sleep the way nature intended, I don't eat much sugar. I do tend to stress. I doubt I'm diabetic; my dad is and he'll sometimes randomly test my blood sugar; it's always normal.

I know it's yeast because it responds to yeast treatments -and like I said, I was diagnosed by a doctor. The symptoms haven't changed a bit- but I need something really powerful to knock it out.

What do you recommend?

I'm 16 and can't really talk to my mom about this kind of thing. I can't buy some $30 or $40 ebook; essentially, I have no budget. Discreet options are best but I won't keep itching like this -and risk compromising my health- just for discretion's sake.

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    The only sure fire way to eliminate a yeast infection is to avoid all yeast and sugar products ......... sugar will literally feed the yeast overgrowth allowing it to flourish......... ditch the alcohol and sodas and diet sodas too if you drink any .......... antiobiotics, especially broad - spectrum antiobiotics will also kill the helpful bacteria which you need for a healthy gut ........ supplement with a good quality probiotic to rebalance gut flora if you have recently taken antibiotics ......... this part is absolutely essential for without the good flora your system will remain completely out of whack ...... eat more alkaline forming foods such as leafy and green vegies, fishes such as tuna, salmon, sardines and whiting, organic nuts and seeds such as almonds and brazil nuts........ all these foods are rich in magnesium and will thus encourage the production of hydrochloric acid in your tummy aiding in digestion and effective elimination ........the leafy greens and fishes are also rich in calcium and protein and the fish are a rich source of vitamin D too ....... ditch bread and eat organic brown rice and quinoa (prounounced keen ~ wah) as they are both a rich source of the B complex of vitamins and will provide you with the carbs you need for sustained energy and the quinoa is also rich in calcium and iron .......... you'd be amazed at how much sugar they put in each slice of bread you buy in a packet ...... don't forget about getting enough iron on a daily basis too ie ~ lean red meats ..... Avoid sugars such as honey, molasses, fructose, maltose, lactose (that means all milk and dairy products) and fruit juices ...... avoid artificial sweetners and foods containing brewer's yeast - ie - alcohol such as beer, wine, brandy, whiskey, rum, ciders and root beer.... avoid baker's yeast ie ~ breads and rolls and pastries .... avoid mushrooms ... avoid fruits and vegies with any sign of mold growth on them .... avoid fermented beverages and condiments including mayonnaise, ketchup, pickled vegies and pickles, salad dressings (use lemon and olive oil instead), soy sauce and vinegar .... avoid all types of hard cheeses which are a pretty good source of mold.... avoid processed and smoked meats and fish, including hot dogs, sausages, luncheon meats etc....... these meats are processed with sugar, spices, yeast and other preservatives .... avoid canned bottled or frozen fruit and vegie juices cos they have loads of sugar and are commonly made from overripened or damaged produce; generally the skin of the fruit contains surface mold and rotten spots, which are pulverised into the juice... avoid dried fruits.... avoid coffee & tea as much as you can as caffeine will aggravate yeast overgrowth..................... you don't need to use medications to kill a yeast overgrowth ..... simply eliminate their food source and they will disappear on their own ...... if you normalise the bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal tract you will feel much better and in most cases won't need drugs ♥

    truly, eat loads and loads of green and leafy vegies, squeeze lemon juice over it to spice it up and help torch bacteria and bolster both your immunity and digestive process ........ and cold water fishes and brown rice / quinoa and watch it clear up........ oh, drink loads and loads of fresh filtered water to ... to ensure you are properly hydrated as the healthiest and happiest body will always be the most hydrated one .

    make sure that you only eat organic nuts and seeds like almonds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds too as they "preserve" the commercial varieties with sulfites and other nasty chemicals that will upset sensitive digestive systems.

    hope you feel better soon

    peace 2 you

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    Source(s): Cure Yeast Infection Naturally :
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    i have the same problem. i've been to more doctors than i can count, have been through more treatments than i can name and still no luck. i thought for a while it was my diet but when it was the worst, i lived in a few different countries so my diet was constantly changing.

    the only thing that was a constant was caffeine. furthermore, the times in my life when it is the worst (as it is constantly fluctuating), is when i consume a lot of coffee and soda. i asked a couple of different doctors about it and they said that they had never heard of it but certainly would not rule it out as a possibility. i quit drinking caffeine for several months and they went away. then i got a new job where i had to get up at 5 every morning and started drinking coffee and red bull again and sure enough within two weeks i had another yeast infection.

    also try eating yogurt. but not the flavored single serving stuff that is loaded with sugar. plain, fat free yogurt and add your own fruit and granola. you can get frozen bags of berries but don't get the ones with added sugar. it takes a little getting used to but it'll grow on you. especially if it means kicking this monster.

    you can also try ironing your underwear to kill off the germs as the dryer doesn't cut it. but be careful of the elastic. the iron will melt the elastic which causes a lot of future discomfort.

    i hope that this info helps. and maybe for you it's not caffeine but another dietary issue. it could be refined carbs, dairy products, alcohol. try taking b vitamins, zinc and iron.

    best of luck. i've been through these hoops and it sucks trying to piece it together.

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  • Hi my daughter is prone to yeast infections too. They Suck!! We've been to the Doctor & I've also researched on line, (med sites) ). They recommend you to moderate your eating. Avoiding certain eating foods. Foods like breads,dough nuts,pizza & pasta. Also, eating yogurt. Several studies have suggested that one cup of yogurt a day (only the kind that has acidophiles bacteria) may reduce the frequency of vaginal yeast infections. Check the label for the statement "contains live cultures" or similar text. Avoid sodas. Cranberry juice is good too (we get cranrasberry).

    Look into these websites:

    It will get better. My daughter has gone almost a yr. without any reoccurring infections.

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    No budget? Then you -must-...and I stress -must-

    Since you've tried all the natural remedies with some success I can only state that the elements causing recurrent infections are seated deeper than these treatment can reach (interstitial infection). My best recommendation is to see a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine as they can prescribe herbs that will work at a deep level to unseat whatever it is that is causing this. TCM herbalism is highly advanced, safe, and with no side effects.

    If you can ever get around to trusting your mother, who btw also has a vagina and years more experience with it than you do with yours ( She'll understand! Really!), you should talk about getting to the root of this by going to see a TCM doctor. It is also a -myth- that having an yeast infection equals being sexually active. They happen all the time for plenty of reasons unrelated to sex. This should not be a concern. This kind of thing goes with having a body; you live , you learn, you get an you need to learn you can't always do it all by yourself. There are people out there whose livelihood is helping others with medical issues.

    "Acupuncture May Break Cycle of Urinary Tract Infections"

    (Urinary Tract infection....vaginal yeast infection....same thing in this case)

    Below are three search engines for finding a TCM doctor. The first two are national accrediting boards that hold those doctors listed on their site to a very high standard; they must work continually in furthering their education each year to keep their accreditation. The third link is simply a quick way to find out who's closest to your address.


    Or you could go back to you "real" doctor....again.....

    Or drink another glass of cranberry juice....again....

    Two years is reaching the point where you may be allowing some irremediable damage to occur to the rest of your health by this issue draining you and your energy reserves. You should take care of this as quickly as possible before all the coming factors of winter put further stress on your immune system.


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    This will sound weird, but one thing I do to stop the itchy discomfort of a yeast infection is put a garlic oil capsule in there when I'm about to go to bed. Three nights in a row and it works like a charm. I read this in Duke's Green Pharmacy book.

    Edited to add: and yes, definitely cut out caffeine, soda, sugar and carbs as much as you can. If you HAVE to have coffee, then limit it to 1 cup as early in the morning as possible, and take a cranberry capsule. I find cranberry juice too sweet (added sugar to fight the sour taste). Drink lots of water to help flush the caffeine.

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    Unique Yeast Infection Freedom System :

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    Yes and dump the chump. If he does not take care of himself why would he care about you? It is not because he is diabetic that he is ill and dirty, it is because he is lazy - for whatever reason. Are you that desperate? On the side, I used to get yeast infections when I used latex condoms. What a way to learn of an allergy :-(

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    im really sorry. this totally sucks.

    everyone told me to drink lots of cranberry juice. that kills the yeast buildup in your body.

    ok, so when you take dr recommended and the precription types of yeast infection medicines it makes your body vulnerable to another infection.

    i would try to research natural remedies. natural types of things help your body battle bad things vs. dr medicines kill the good things and the bad things in your body.

    i wouldnt worry about telling your mom. im positive shes been through this stuff before. and you actually dont have to be sexually active to get a yeast infection.

    good luck

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    My Yeast Infection Cured -

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