Which country is better ecuador or guatemala?

I would like to know which country is better ecuador or guatemala in things like





international influence



soccer teams(club and national)


which country speaks better spanish

historical landmarks and other things that anyone can throw in.

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    Our geography was really interesting for example how Spain came to our country and started war with the Indians. Mostly because Spain wanted to change religion but the Indians reject to change their own religion and chose killing, but then all of that change and became ''art'' instead of violence they teach it with art and we ALL became 'mestizos' have spain and have indian,

    Now the food is Absolutely Delicious!

    here's a type of food we called fritada


    is fried pork, with burnt corn and corn that pops out white

    pretty good huh?

    a dessert that we enjoy also is called Buñuelos

    a really sweet bread witch you put honey on top very good dessert is you ask me


    Our military mite not be as strong as other country's but we had had war with peru i think it was mostly because they stole land from us.

    and so maybe were a small country.. we made peace but the land they stole from us is now theirs :(

    Ok now soccer!

    On 2008 ecuador liga had won the ''copa liberators'' and were now champions, we had not won a world cup yet but were close to winning it.

    in education is Good mostly in school we wear uniforms, we also learn english,math, natural science, and social studies

    Also elementary middle and high school are not separated but united.

    Now Spanish is not just a language with the same meaning and words in each spanish country theirs a different assent words and language

    in Ecuador remember when i tell you Spain and Indian etc etc. well our language is mix with indian language called ( kitchua ) and Spanish we also have an assent So you can't tell who speaks better bc well all are different and we should respect that.

    Ecuador is one gorgeous country filled with nature and wonders

    and hope i help you :)

    Source(s): thats true galapagos island attrack manyt tourist
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    Ecuador has a better situation than Guatemala. Its football team was in the World Cup. Guatemala doesn't have a prayer of even beating a team. Yeah, so, basically Guatemala is a disgrace of a country on its way to economic and political despair.

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    Ecuador wins on anything other than politics

    in football

    Ecuadorian Football has certainly taken off (National Team) and have become serious contenders to the other 9 teams.


    Ecuador wins. With the Galapagos island they attract tourists like a magnet.

    I'm not sure about the Spanish spoken there

    I do believe Guatemala has a better government. Ecuador has had their share of 'loco' presidents, starting from the 'loco' himself: Jaime Bucaram Ortiz and now leftist Rafael Correa who has been found sponsoring Colombian terrorist groups FARC.

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