The Crucible by Arthur Miller ( LITERATURE NEED HELP)?

2. what appears to be wrong with Betty?

3. why does parries want a physical ailment to be the reason for Betty’s illness? What does rev. parries stand to lose if the rumors are proved true?

4. from the conversation between reverend parries and Abigail, what did he see in the forest? Prove that reverend paris does not trust all of his congregation

6. what does the doctor advice parries to do when betty is ill?

7. how does Abigail explain betty’s illness to parries?

8. parries expresses a desperate concern to Abigail when he finds out what has happened. What is this concern?

9. Abigail assures her uncle that her name “ is entirely white.” How does she explain Goody Proctor’s behavior towards her?

10. why is mr. hale being asked to come to salem?

11. after reading about Thomas Putnam, what seems to be his major fault? Why would he show only for Rev. Parris?

12. according to mr. and mrs. Putnam, what is the proof of witchcraft?

13. Putnam pressures parries into admitting/accepting the possiblitity of witchcraft in salem. Why?(what is his motive?)

14. who seems to be the leader among the girls? What are her instructions to them about their previous evening? What person in the village does she hate?

15. describe john proctor. * Pay special attention to the description of this man for a better understanding of this chapter.

16. why does mary warren” jump” when proctor enters the room?

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    This is about the Salem Witch hunts of 1692. There was a movie made get it and watch it carefully and you will probably be able to pass the test. Or you could just read it - as it was assigned.

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    He finds it necessary to explain these things again to educate us so that nothing like the Salem Witch Trials ever happens again. The people can only rely on spectral evidence to prove there are witches. Salem is such a strict Puritan town that they will look into such a small thing as girls dancing in the woods would be such a big deal. People can only believe there are witches based on the girls' accusations. There wasn't much John Proctor could do once Abigail had framed his wife for being a witch, but if he had never cheated on her with Abigail then Abigail would have had no reason to frame Elizabeth. Society expects you to abide by the laws and just follow unwritten rules, like not cheating on your wife. Society today doesn't have such high expectations for people to behave a certain way.

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    maybe read the play? loved that book.. and the answers will be quite obvious

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    the answers are in the book.. read the book.

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    read that play in 11th grade...

    it was a snoozefest... can't remember much sorry...

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    sparknotes got it all.

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