What is the volume difference between a Quasiturbine motor and a Piston motor?

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    The Quasiturbine (Qurbine in short) uses a rotor arrangement peripherally supported by four rolling carriages, the carriages taking the pivoting blade pressure-load of the blades forming the rotor, and transferring the load to the opposite internal contoured housing wall. The present invention discloses a central, annular, rotor support for the rotor geometry defined by the pivoting blades and associated wheel-bearings, while still maintaining the important center-free engine characteristic. The pressure-load on each pivoting blade is taken by its own set of wheel-bearings rolling on annular tracks attached to the central area of the lateral side covers forming part of the stator casing. This central, annular, rotor support could generally apply to all the family of Quasiturbine rotor arrangements and particularly to the limit case here considered, where the previous carriage design is replaced by a cylindrical pivoting blade joint as presented in the present patent, and for which an efficient solution of the five bodies rotary engine sealing problem is given.

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    I left my thinnking cap at the door..

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