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dont you just hate it when filipinos would tell other people (specially foreigners) how much philippines suck?

i know its true that were in deep poverty but we dont need to tell the whole world about it. i'm not saying that we should hide the truth but wouldn't it be better to show them the more positive side of our country? what ever happened to our optimistic side? :)

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    I agree with you.

    But ! What really pisses me off is foreigners that have never lived here saying how bad the Philipines is when they have no clue what they are talking about !

    I have lived in Iloilo City for the past 6 plus years. Sure I could focus on what's wrong with living here. But then agan with a negative attitude like that I never would have stayed.

    I try to stay focused about what's right with the Philippines and the nice friendly people here. There is good, bad and ugly everywhere in the world, not just the Philippines.

    Source(s): USN Retired, married and living in the Philippines since 2002.
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    Maybe they say that to make them go away. I've traveled lots of places in my lifetime and I must say the shopping malls in Philippines are far superior to those in more "developed" countries. For sure there is an element of poverty in The Philippines just as there is in any country. However, all you need to do is look around at some of the cars, boats, and houses to see that not EVERYBODY here is starving. In this country where "sharing" is a cultural expectation, I think people best preserve their own wealth by pretending not to have anything.

    Regarding the lack of optimism, it's just the way people are taught. So many people are pre-conditioned to feel sorrow, pain, agony, and sacrifice as if misery is the ticket into heaven.

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    I live here in the US and there are a lot of our Kababayans here discouraging the Americans to visit our country. they keep saying that its dangerous and a lot of bad things happen to foreign people here. It suck to hear it from my fellow Filipinos. Well some of them (pinoys) did come from the side of the Philippines where bad things do happen like Tondo. I'm also guessing they have never seen the good part of the Philippines even they now live here in the US.

  • Melvin
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    I would always say in one way or another that this country is doomed to be jologs with all that corruption and bad politics going on. However, I do also say that the Philippines is a beautiful country with many natural wonders and historical landmarks, that the war on terror only exists in isolated places in the Mindanao region, and that foreigners should go to the country if they're capable of doing so.

    Love of country is deeply ingrained within us. It's part of our nature, i guess.

    Source(s): Me
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    If a friend ask how Phils. is as a tourist spot, then I'd say straight up that it's a beautiful tropical country with lots of beautiful places and hospitable people. It's a third world country so some services they are used to may not be available in the Phils. and that they have to be careful of pickpockets, swindlers, and mosquitoes. If I am to ask my Swiss friend how is their country, he'd say it's a small country, very dull, yet progressive. It's a matter of being honest.

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    1 decade ago

    Some people just have to complain and whine instead of working with their heads to get by.

    I agree I hate it. The Islands do not suck. I love it here.

    Go to America and you will find a lot of people that will say America sucks too. These people have no faith in God or their own abilities.

    If people think we don't have poverty and hungry people in the states they are just fooling themselves.

    The Philippines don't suck but some of the people do.

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    i do not tell people that the Philippines and Filipinos suck, but i am guilty of telling everybody what I don't like about the people running our government.

    i love the Philippines and I'm proud to be Filipino; I tell a lot of my non-Filipino friends the nice places they could go to in the Philippines, and the nice and wonderful people they will meet when they visit.

    But our government, and the people running it and working in it really suck big time!

    Source(s): former civil servant
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    Not really. I find that always the more vocal and critical they are in hurling vitriolics about our country, with foreigners or with our own, the more physical and violent they could be in defending our honor, or fellow countrymen being oppressed on foreign shores.

    It seems that we are a race of Zorros. Not "sorrow of my sorrows" by Jose Rizal, but that Zorro that runs around with a mask, sword and whip, getting back to the oppressors in the nighttime and during the day plays a different role, of someone who hates his kind.

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    yea i agree with you... but those people are only telling a little side of it.. We should blame the media like jessica soho, imbestigador... etc etc... because they show the ugliness of the Philippines worldwide! I think.. the ugly and dirty they got, the better the ratings are... if you havent seen the one that's done by Jay Taruc? (documentaries) where people in Tondo, Manila eat leftover food from the garbage. He also tried eating leftover food together with the featured family.

    I know that they might just being realistic... but we do know already that its existing and the ENTIRE world don't NEED to know!

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    You're right. I agree with your standpoint. Isn't it embarrassing that after you have told them the ugly side of the country, you forget that you are part of that country you have just disparagingly insulted?

    What if they asked you what you have done to improve your country? Would you stare back open-mouthed or pretend you didn't hear the question?

    Even the beautiful countries have their own ugliness but we don't hear of them much nor do their citizens talk about them much. That's patriotism. It does not only mean defending one's country from attacks or transgressions from other countries. It also means complimenting - enhancing the attractions or attractive side so that others won't look down on us. Put prestige on the map of the Philippines.

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