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Nick Hogan getting out of jail early?

People are saying that he got special treatment because he is a celebrity and that's why he got out early. Well the real fact is that he worked in the jail and got out early just like any other man/woman working hard and earning his/her way out.

Not to mention nobody points out that Nick was the minor in this situation and the guy he put in the coma was like 21! What if the situation was switched and NICK was in the coma? So basicly NOBODY is innocent. And yes it's sad that the guy's in a coma but blaming nick hogan for basicly a guys life could seriously be alot of pressure on just a kid who simply made a mistake.

what do you think about the situation?

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    He is still an assshole. Hey it wasn't the first time he muck up, he did it loads of times and he should of known the damn consequences. How could anyone see good in this stupid child.

    Also how can Nick be the minor of the situation, more of his fault then anybody else. Nick's parents even bribe the coma's parents to keep their mouth shuts and now thats a sound of guilt. Nick was the damn driver and he fuked up ok. They've gone wild now and nobody of the wrestling community respects them for it.

    Nick has got nothing to do here. Try the stupid kids section. Oh and I don't mean any curse to you, it's just I hate that kid Nick, he brings embarrasment to the WWE.

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    He does get special treatment. Hogan is a prick, he's an irresponsible, stupid, immature teeanger who deserves to spend the rest of his youth behind bars to make him grow up a little. The gods sure as hell know Hogan and his slut of a wife did not raise him in the least to be responsible, so unfortunately the state has to do it. He's not 'just a kid who simply made a mistake.' He's a dangerous punk who thinks he's above the law.

    Grow up. If you cannot think about something reasonably, then you don't get an opinion. You're far too young to understand the concept of 'maturity' and 'responsibility' anyway.

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    Yea. but the 21 year old was also a Marine. If no ones gets in trouble for racing illegally drunk underage at night down a street,crashing and putting a MARINE in a coma isnt worthy of blame,prison and pressure then i dont know what does

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    bottom line: nick hogan's a jackass. you must be like a teenager or something cause you're saying that he made a mistake? that was more than a mistake, he made some guy that's in his 20s to stay in a nursing home for the rest of his life. i think he should at least get a 3 year jail serving time.

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  • Anonymous
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    Pssh to be honest why would be care about nick hogan... he isn't a wrestler Well I don't like him I don't know about you guys

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    He did his time.

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    money talks

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Source(s): Hogan suck as well.
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