Where is a good place to go walking in Pasadena?

I heard the Rose bowl but how do you get there?

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    Obvious gave you directions to the Rose Bowl, so here's another idea -

    Eaton Canyon Natural Area (Altadena)

    Entrance to the park is just north of New York Dr. on Altadena Dr.

    It's basically a nature walk for about a mile (truck width trail) and if you continue on you can hike up to a waterfall across a stream (sometimes more water than other times). The round-trip to the waterfall is 3 - 3.5 miles. I've done it with a bunch of 7 yr old cub scouts in tow when there was lots of water in the stream, so it's not too hard. There are also mini walks around the center to look at native plants.






    Here is a list of walks and hikes around various areas of Pasadena.


    If you ever have little kids with you, Kidspace Museum at Brookside Park, by the Rose Bowl, is a fun educational "museum". http://www.kidspacemuseum.org/


    Have fun!

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    Rose Bowl is great for walking. It's easy to get to: Just take the 134 and exit at Linda Vista. If you are going west, turn left and cross the freeway bridge. If you are going east, just turn right. From there, make a quick left, and follow the signs, going UNDER the Colorado Street Bridge. There are many other ways to get there; that is just one.

    I also like strolling through Old Town. It's a different kind of walking. More urban, but the people watching is more fun.

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    plaza caracol or calle grande

    attention in the night

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