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Where can I get a new Wal-Mart associate discount card?

I worked for Wal-Mart almost 20 yrs. and received the retiree discount card when I retired. I have carried this card for so long it has broke in two pieces and of course won't scan. Who do I call or write or what do I do to get a new card?


The answer was go to wal-mart benefits which won't let me in as I retired in 2001. This site must be for present employees not retired employees.Still need help. I have ask at the wal-mart store and they said call 1-800-walmart. which I did but I couldnot get any answer there either. Still need help, please

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    If the store you used to work in is nearby, I would probably try calling them. If not, I would call a local walmart store and ask to speak with the personnel manager. If they can not help you personally, they would be able to direct you to the proper resource.

    Keep in mind, some days in personnel are busier than others. Monday mornings, Friday afternoons, and every other Thursday (payday) can be hectic. You would be best off to try during a less busy time.

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    I had a Walmart discount card , I quite for a week doe I need to wait 90 days again

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    If you are an employee at WM you do not have to renew your associates card. It stays active as long as you are employed with them. If you have lost your card just go to management and they will re issue you one

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      Ahh, I see now what you are asking about, I have no idea about that card, my husband has never receive one like you are speaking of, unless it is the 10% discount card you are speaking of. That one is only for when you are employed, not sure about this one you have

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    go to ( you will need to make a username and password) and then go to money should be able to get it there,also keep in mind that you will have to renew it every year

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