Can you finish the Air Traffic Control program in 2 years to become a ATC?

I'm interested in air traffic control but i'm confused about how some sites say that you need a 4 year degree.But aren't you wasting money cuz some AT-CTI schools are 2 year and you can still be accepted to the FAA Academy.

Anyone went to the 2 year AT-CTI schools and got into the FAA Academy?

Will there be a difference in where i would work at if i have only a have an associates in Air Traffic Control?

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  • Kevin
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    1 decade ago
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    No difference in what degree, 2 year or 4 year you have. It does not make any difference where you go and all CTI degrees are equal. Actually some 4 year schools have pretty bad reputations. Where you go is only based on what region you select to get hired into. When they get together to divvy up who gets what applicant I believe they only see your AT SAT score and possibly resume.

    No 2 year vs 4 year, no difference, they're hiring off the street applicants with zero college or aviation knowledge anyway, so I don't see how anyone would say you get a small VFR tower because you only have an associates. At my large facility most of the younger people (the generation coming in to take over for the post PATCO controllers) are either ex military or 2 year CTI school people.

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