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Work for Volt or another temp agency...then become pregnant...?

I have been offered a position to work as a contract worker through Volt Temp Services. It is an 18 month contract position. Since I am a recent college graduate in chemistry, I am having a hard time getting my foot in the door of a major pharmaceutical company (Eli Lilly). This position would send me to work at Lilly and would be a great opportunity for me to get in there. My husband and I are also starting to try for a family...I know that it doesn't seen like a good time, but I am 30 years old...I waited through undergrad, waited through 5 years of graduate school...now I don't want to wait another few years till my career "settles". How will this effect my "temp" job, if I am on contract to work for so long, but if we become pregnant, I will need to take some maternal leave. I'M CONFUSED! I've not had alot of "real world" experience as I made the choice to school for so long...now I don't know how these situations are handled.

I just feel that if I wait for the perfect time to start my family, it will never happen. I'm 30, my husband is 32...this is not unreasonable.

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    no employer temp or permanent can discriminate against pregnancy and people who have families. something called the family medical leave act is federal law. if you want kids have them.

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    My mother always told me "If you wait for a good time to have kids, or until you can afford kids then you will never have them" I think that you should go for the job and if you become pregnant, then hopefully they will understand and if not then you might ask yourself if they are really worth working for, I understand you have to work we all do these days but most companies understand. I am high risk pregnant and my last pregnancy I was working as a temp and they were very understanding which was good because i started going to the doctor every 2 weeks from the beginning due to being high risk pregnancy. I think that if your ready to start a family just do it and don't worry about the job situation either they will understand or they don't deserve to have you as a worker. Good luck to you.

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    You have to think which means more to you. Starting a family or getting that dream job. Good luck!

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