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What should the incision site on a cat look like after getting spayed?

My cat was spayed on Tuesday. When I looked at the incision site it looked like a small hole. Is this normal? I've had cat spayed long ago and they didn't look like this. I'm guessing she had internal stitches, but what's up with the hole?


It's not so much a hole, but a depression or indentation. She came home like this.

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    After spaying, a cat has internal sutures, then several external stitches that you will see. Sometimes, it looks like a closed flap, with a little bit of a ridge. There should be no seepage of any fluids. Normally, after a few days it almost looks completely healed. It is possible that the closure of the incision point made a depression, rather than a flap.

    If there is no redness, no seepage or leakage of anything, then things will probably be fine. If no external stitches, it is possible the vet used glue instead of stitches, so keep an eye on it. There have been some anecdotal reports that the glue is not the best approach.

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    likely this might properly be a delicate reaction to the stitches used to close the incision. Worst case state of affairs is the underlying incision has opened some and there is now a hernia. this happens yet no longer very oftentimes. ideal to return to the vet for a recheck examination and ensure each little thing is okay. now and back the vet might have you ever word a warm/heat %. to the section two times on a daily basis whether this is a stitch reaction to help the swelling shrink. stable good fortune!

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    No, a hole is not normal. Yes, many vets use internal sutures to close the incision. It would seem part of the incision has opened up. You need to take her back and let the vet check it. They may decide to resuture it.

    Best of luck with your kitty. Thanks for being a responsible pet owner and having her spayed!

    Source(s): vet tech 13 yrs.
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    hmmm our kittens incision is a little over an inch long, she had 2 stitches, maybe your vet had better surgical skills.

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    Call the vet.

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    BE RESPONSIBLE!!!! < : 0 THats what happens when you take your cat to Joe the Plummbers garage

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