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Why is the GOP attempting to stop early voting in Democratic districts of Indiana and not in GOP strongholds?

What argument can they use to justify and promote early voting in strong Republican districts, but people of an opposing Political Party should not have the same “Right” as provided by the State?

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    They are the GOP that's why it's what they do.

    It doesn't matter what excuse they give, they could tell their followers they are doing it because the sky is bright red and they would believe it and tout it as fact despite being able to see the sky is blue.

    They have no logical argument to justify it, that has never stopped them before though.

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    They think (or at least they would like us to think) that the early voting in Democratic districts is the source of all or most voter fraud. While this is probably not true, it works to their advantage to pull the proverbial wool over our eyes. If early voting were not allowed, a lot of working class Democrats might not be able to make it to the voting booth on the 4th, while all the white-collar GOP can easily find time in their busy day of stock trading to make sure the republican candidate is the next president.

    Source(s): a lot of time reading about ACORN, Obama, McCain, and GOP smear tactics
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    Because they would say as they have in the past that they want clean and honest election, which is their excuse for harassing Democratic and minority voters. Recent Court decisions requiring government issued ID's have also been a cause of voter suppression.We should fight them tooth and nail, by having savvy lawyers, and big strong union persons to put them in their place.

    Source(s): Ballot Accsess News
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    Republicans are desperate and this is not the first time or the first election that they have tried these underhanded techniques in an attempt to suppress voting in areas where there are Democratic majorities. The Republicans have yet to show any instances of voter fraud but they are constantly spreading hysterical propaganda about the possibility of such and, of course, such fraud would only occur, according to them, among Democrats.

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    The tactic has been the same in the last two elections: spread rumours of voter fraud, initiate legal proceedings to purge voters so they must cast provisional ballots or do anything you can do to to tie up voters so that it makes voting difficult and thus suppresses turnout.

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    *sniff* It makes me proud to have been born a Hoosier... You gotta keep in mind, back in the 1930's the Klan ran issues in that state and there're nevertheless a great form of self sustaining @$$ININE people who roam the northern plains and the southern hills of my community state...

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    Because that's where ACORN mostly targets. I know I don't want "Mickey Mouse" and "Donald Duck" to vote for either candidate!

    This is common sense, people!

    And yes, ACORN targets mostly Democratic Districts because they don't care if the GOP districts are motivated to vote.

    Source(s): On my way to class I walked by dozens of people stopping black students to make sure they were registered to vote. Not a single Obama supporter asked me (White Male) if I was registered. This happened over the course of 2 weeks. Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio.
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    Did you really think the hypocrisy of the gay-marriage issue ended there?

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    Because they will do anything to win. They know the more people that show up to vote, the more likely it is that they will get crushed.

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    does 2004 ring a bell??

    Source(s): Uncounted:The New Math of American Elections
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