Justia.com regarding Berg vs Obama?

we know that no media outlet is touching this, but I have kept up with the filings and rulings regarding this as of the latest filing #27 The Federal Judge has ordered Obama's name be removed from Ballots, and that he is not eligible to run for president of the united states.

Here is the link.....What do you think will come of this?



sorry about the link. you can go to Justia.com and find it there. However is does say in the filing "it is an ORDER of this court that Barack Husseing Obama's, et as name be removed from any and all ballots for the office of the President of the United States"

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    Judge Surrick has not ordered Obama's name removed from the ballots.

    Philip Berg's filings include DRAFT orders that the judge would sign if the judge agreed with them. The judge has not signed. Look at your documents, where there is a signature line for the judge. Notice that the line is blank. This means that the judge has not signed. No signature means no legal effect.

    It's typical in lawsuits for the parties to submit DRAFT orders that the judge will sign if the judge agrees with the order. So far, the only order that the judge has actually signed is a refusal to enjoin Obama's candidacy. See Document #4 in the list of filings on your link.

    EDIT: You're not paying attention to the answer above. It is a DRAFT order. It has not been signed. Your same link shows that Obama and the Federal Elections Commission have filed motions to dismiss the case. Those motions also have not been signed, and obviously all the motions cannot be valid because that would be inconsistent.

    Judges make orders valid by SIGNING them. No signature means no legal effect. It's very, very basic civil procedure that you are choosing to ignore.

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    I don't know, your link isn't working.

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    Your link is broken...

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