cleaing out my camero, i need help,?

ok i ot this camaro. old 1. been sitting forever, got it running, nowtoday im goin to clean my babe out, now what would be best for it? like would it be easyer to just take all the seats out and spray them with the garden hose? or just steam the seats agian? and i want to get the carpets good so what should i use to get the bottom carpet, and the upper carpet? like shampooer or steam vac? HELP

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    Removing the seats can be a big procedure, especially if the bolts have rusted on. The return on the effort isn't worth it compared to just leaving them in. Of course if you plan on replacing all the carpets, repairing the floor pans or having the seats recovered, then you will have to remove them, other wise its not worth the bother.

    This is the way I always detailed cars, it should take you about an hour if you move fast, if the car is really a filth bucket, it may take you two hours.

    Get a hard bristle brush, some spray-on foam cleaner (you can buy some at the auto parts store specifically made for cars), a bottle of silicone (like Armour-All), window washer, some paper towels, cotton rags, a small paint brush (about 1/4" wide or smaller) and a strong vaccum.

    Remove all large items and crud from vehicle

    Remove removable carpets from floors

    Vaccum everything to get debris and dust

    Spray your foam cleaner on everything, dash, console, seats and floor carpets and door panels.

    Immediately wipe foam off all plastic parts (if let to sit it may stain them), you will notice the dirt come right off. Be prepared to use a few rags or paper towels depending on how dirty the vehicle is.

    Now scrub the seats hard, spray more if needed.

    Scrub the carpets hard, get the pounded in dirt to come to the surface. Use a little water if the carpet gets too dry.

    Use your Armor-All and wipe down all plastic parts with it

    Use window cleaner for all your window glass and the clear plastic areas (gauges) of your dash. Wipe all other glass areas, such as mirrors. Be careful to wipe out streaks from the cleaner.

    Go back to your upholstery: vaccum the seats and carpet. If you are not satisfied with their level of cleanliness, repeat the spray-on foam and scrub process.

    vaccum again.

    Use the little brush to remove dirt from air vents, seams, radio buttons and other hard to reach areas of the console, dash and any other plastic parts. Wet the area your are dusting, or your brush with the silicone product to ease the process.

    Now, close all the windows tight and wash the outside, if the paint is dulled from exposure to weather or sun, you can bring it back to life by rubbing it out with light rubbing compound (if that is its not clear-coated). Or just wash and wax, use a car washing detergent as dish soap can damage a car's finish. Be gentle in removing rough dirt -- don't scrub that in! and don't use a power buffer unless you know how to use one as you can ruin the finish with one in seconds.

    Finish off by scrubbing your tires and washing off your rims and shining them up.

    Lube all moving parts of the body with WD-40 - hood hinges, door hinges, door locking mechanisms, truck hinges and the hood and trunk lock assemblies.

    Use wax and rub it on all surfaces of metal that come in contact with eachother, such as the hood and trunk latch and door latches. This dampens friction, helps the parts last longer and makes them operate smoother.

    Lift up the carpet area or unscrew the protector at the door jambs and floor, inspect for rust and have it or repair it accordingly, make sure all weep holes to eliminate water are open and clear. Inspect the underside of the doors to make sure that any weep holes are open and clear as well. These are prime places where water collects and rust develops.

    Source(s): I used to sell cars.
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    Removing the seats would make cleaning easier as long as you treat

    those bolts like gold. (as mentioned already ) lube them up before you

    remove the nuts at the bottom (spray penetrating oil) would be good

    here. If they are very rusted (don't mess with them ). My point here

    is don't break those bolts which come down from the seat. Because

    that makes for a difficult repair. When you set the seat down or move

    it out. BE sure not to bend those bolts as well or grind the bottoms,

    because re-installation will be difficult. You may want to purchase some

    new under-carpeting as well. As long as you've gone this far, it really

    helps get rid of any underlying odors. One more thing, expect some

    rust under there as well, if none, you must be in a dry climate, if there

    is some, now would be the time to make some patches. This could

    open a small can of worms here so decide just how far you want to

    go. Look at the BIG picture before you start this venture.

    Just my two cents..

    Good Luck with your Baby.......O......O.......

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    It's usually ez'er to pull the seats out than to scrub under them. Be sure to lube the 4 bolts & nut's that hold each seat in awhile before you loosen'em.

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