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Pakistan sacks coach Lawson..?

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    I don't think the PCB should had sacked only Geoff Lawson because there are many more to blame. Shoiab Malik, he can't lead a team and I don't think it is fair that Geoff gets sack because of Shoiab M. Geoff is a very good player and it is impossible that it is was his only fault that Pakistan lost the Twenty20 series, series in SA/ India, and the Asia cup. Seriously It is not fair

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    Lawson's tenure with Pakistan replaced into no longer a candy one. The as quickly as ambitious Pakistan is in dumps. The team morale is at an rock bottom. And the self-discipline element is to no longer be seen. This Pakistan team is susceptible in all departments. i do no longer see any clarification why somebody ought to help the coach. And the team. Intikhab Alam, the international Cup triumphing coach is reappointed using fact the coach of Pakistan for the subsequent 2 years. Can he make it ensue back?

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    As PCB official said couple of days ago, Lawson was good for nothing and Pakistan was further downgraded in his tensure, which is not good for cricekt that an exciting team like Pakistan gone down the wire.

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    And gave him three months advance salary. Pay without work.

    Pakistan did not achieve anything when Lawson was the coach; maybe you can say he lead them to TT WC final.

    Time is running out for Pakistan to improve their playing skills. If not they will be skittled out of the World Cup of 2011 in early stages, a déjà vu of 2007 World Cup. They have the hit the low in the recent times. They were outplayed in the Asia Cup by Sri Lanka & India; And was decimated in T20's in Toroto. But coaches alone cannot be blamed for a cricket teams poor showing. Pakistan team lacks strength in all departments of the game. Their captain is incapable of leading them. And there are lot of off-field activities going on. Will all these things change? If it does,that is good for Pakistan cricket, and cricket in general.

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  • Bill P
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    It is always hard to play under a foreign coach. I think ending Lawson's contract was a good move. They should look at someone like Miandad or Mushtaq.

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    Actually this task should be given to a pakistani legend like Wasim, Imran Khan, Miandad or someone else as pakistan is having a lot of legend players who can serve for their country in a better way

    Good Step

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    right decision

    An ex player from Pakistan should be the coach

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    looks like pcb doesnt have any other work to do ,so they sacked the coach

    pakistan cricket is going in to stoneage

  • GUD it was doing no wonders for Lawson,s career......

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, he may be luckier then Woolmer, at least he looks like getting home alive.

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