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If Jesus were living in the United States right now, wouldn't he be a Democrat?

Of all the isses that bother me the most, is the "Hijacking" of religion by Republicans. If you read your bible or attend church, you will quickly realize that Jesus was ANYTHING but a Republican. He was, for all intents and purposes, a community organizer.

Was Jesus trying to make as much money as possible so he could give it to charity? No How many Republicans do you know that don't work and walk around in the desert?

This whole abortion issue is a scam by Republicans to get your vote. What they won't tell you, is that abortion cannot and will not ever change. Even the most conservative supreme court judge Clarence Thomas said he would never overturn it. If anything, if you are pro-life, you should be MAD about Republicans not doing anything for your cause after you put your trust in them.

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    Jesus was the ultimate liberal

    please see the answer of calendar girl here..long but so insightful as to how much more the dems follow the teaching of Jesus.;_ylt=AgFLU...

    yes, as a born again christian, it is because of my faith I vote democratic.

    As far as abortion, ponder this and how right you are.

    the woman who originally brought roe v wade became a christian later in life and tried to reopen the case in the hopes of overturning it as she felt heavy the weight of all the babies killed through abortion, and the conservative leaning supreme court turned her request down and refused to revisit will never change nor do they want it to change as it is a tremendous vote getter by passionately prolife people quite a few who vote against their own interests and totally on that single issue.

    however, they are voting for the wrong party because of the following

    1. despite repubs holding the executive branch considerably more often since roe v wade than democrats and holding both houses of congress for way more years since row v wade than dems and the judicial branch holding 5 reps nominees (the majority), nothing has been done on abortion by the people in charge and often exclusively in charge all these years and never will be..if they changed it, they would have no issue to pander to voters and lose votes.

    2. under Clinton, and his excellent economy, abortions were the lowest since roe v wade..when Bush took over, abortions skyrocketed.

    3. 20% of abortions are done for financial reasons..if someone has no job or has two or three jobs or no health care or the schools are poor or little money for food etc, high gas bills and all that, they are much more likely to chose abortion.

    since democrats care about these issues and try to create jobs, raise the minimum wage, care about the environment, educations and support housing and food programs and believe health care is a right and support child support enforcement etc (republicans cut 50 billion from these things in dec 2005 and then three weeks later passed 70 billion in tax cuts helping mainly the rich..and even said we don't want to be scrooge but had no problems with someone's family thrown on the streets when they cut HUD or off their school lunch or removed from WIC or people thrown off medicaid etc

    4. since dems fix these things that make people chose abortion=, they save 20% of the unborn babies from dying which comes to 880 babies a day and 321,200 unborn children's lives saved a year.

    democratic policies and laws save 880 babies a day and republican talking points and rhetoric save no lives,m so if one is truly prolife they will vote democrat--in fact, over 40% of dems are prolife.

    please be sure to read calendar girls answer here It is the only answer I ever put on my watchlist as I liked it so much;_ylt=AgFLU...

    Source(s): EDIT..I do think though that if Jesus was here, he might be a green or better yet start his own party..a combination of the fiscally liberal issues and the some of the socially conservative ones can be sure he would see the hypocrisy on both sides and say something to enlighten us and tick off the conservative religious right by pointing how like the pharasees some of them are. I think he would spend time helping others both through individuals and through governments help..he would not hate gays and he would feel the pain of the unwed mother and he would hang out with those republicans distain you can be sure of that.
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    It is good to see someone with the very same belief as Baal Dephos! There is intelligence of this planet!

    Baal Dephos is without words right now...totally speechless.

    Just: Thank you Mat R

    People who haven't read the "Old Testament" where God has stated in the Law that Jesus fulfilled wouldn't know that Jesus would support that democrat platform. When Jesus sets up His kingdom on Earth, it will look so much like democrat it won't even be funny. That's why it's very important for christians to read the book that is known worldwide "the bible." and refrain from leaning toward their own understanding. Remember: Jesus Christ wasn't "Christian." He wasn't like Christ. He was Christ: God the Father in the Flesh.

    Source(s): The Holy Bible
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    Jesus would be a republican because:

    1. Democrats loves taxes and Jesus kicked the tax collectors out of church;

    2. Jesus helped those who physically needed help, not the lazy;

    3. I think Jesus would have a serious problem with your pro-abortion position.

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    No, because taking money from people who have worked hard all their lives and giving it to people who happen to refuse to work in order to get more votes for the presidential election isn't part of his standards.

    Then again, spending excess money on war and leading to a massive national debt isn't in his best interest either.

    Despite how utterly biased this question is, I'd have to go with neither, and risk getting a massive influx of thumbs-downs.

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    I do love the statement of "How many Republicans do you know that don't work and walk around in the desert?" LMAO That is true, but since Jesus DID have sense, he had to be a Republican.

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    He would vote for Obama

    but his registration would be declined at Board of Elections

    You'd think after 2000 + years he would have a valid ID,

    Didn't ACORN people tell him this, or did they just turn in his card?

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    Yes. If I recall, he didn't like rich duplicitous people who pretended to follow the word of God, but who actually loved only money.

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    He damn sure wouldn't be trying to tax health benefits like McCain. And i'm pretty sure he would talk to foreign leaders without pre-conditions.

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    He would be where the people with the most need are, and that is usually with the poor, sick and needy, not typical Republicans.

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    Yes. Obviously.

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