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    The South Korean girl's traditional clothing believed that everybody has the impression, is the short coat, also has enormously extremely wide swollens the skirt, among the short coat has ties up the clothes belt's place, has the affiliation to pass through the clothes to bring fixes and decorates the short coat's function. But the sleeves place is also very interesting, is a little looks like the side to look that the kitchen knife knife point shape, is the round arc which sharpens. Watched that many pictures, acknowledges two points but actually at heart: First, South Korean tradition clothes do have the sense of reality, to match colors is really very attractive! Two when South Korean woman really happy ~ and the Chinese woman's Chinese dress did not need the strict control stature compared to ~ also to be able to put on ~ to be short complex numerous rope's step ~ with the Japanese women compared to ~ to be able to put on unique feminine qualities ~


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