Legalizing prositution in California,is that not the craziest thing you've ever heard?

My mom and I were just watching Link TV and thats what they said!!! What's your take on the situation?


Ray: I agree,but that is the most descusting &Immoral thing I've ever heard.


My take on this is that when they legalize prositution other things will happen.Such as crime rise:



"rape"(((although i would laugh in a prositues face if they came up with a rape story HARSH but what can you expect?)))

child abandonment

And what will happen to that child's future?

I can think of many other things but It would take way to long to name.

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    The proposal is NOT to "legalize" prostitution. What the Mayor of San Francisco is proposing (and it's a SF City issue, not California-wide) is to instruct the cops not to go out looking for prostitutes or 'johns' to bust. Hookers will still be arrestable for soliciting in public, or if neighbors complain - they will merely no longer run stings to find undercover brothels that no-one is complaining about.

    The measure was triggered by the revelation that the SFPD had spent over $50,000 running stings on Craigslist and renting hotel rooms to set up meets with people that replied to ads they ran.


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    With a liberal republican governor and people like Pelosi, in charge, I can see how California is going to vote on the issue. They will argue that prostitution could turn serious profits, and they need all the tax revenues to pay off the huge deficit.

    In the end, California will pass a bad bill. It could be summed up as money over morals.

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    Well they already have nude bars that give lap dances, this isn't that far off. We live in a pretty messed up time so I'm not suprised. There are prostitues all over and there always have been. It's pretty disgusting and sad if you ask me, but what can you do?

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    Why do you think it is called 'the land of fruits and nuts'?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    we have had legal prostitution in nevada for decades and guess what? we are still here and all is well.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well it is Calif so what do you expect?

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