Yes, its a guy problem. any advice?

[ I do answer everyone elses relationship questions since according to my friends i give the best advice out of everyone they know but i find it hard to take my own advice which is why i need help now. ]

Ok, so heres the problem. I've been talking with this guy on msn for about 5 weeks now, I'm 15 and he's 18. We go to the same school and the last time i saw him i smiled and he pulled a face to try and make me laugh. We have loads in common and he likes to ask what my type is and tells me that he ticks most of the boxes.

Does he like me? What do i do? Is he too old?

Sorry about all this but this is the first guy i've liked in this way in ages.

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    It sounds like he's really sweet and really does like you. My advice would be that if you really feel that strongly about him, go for it. Obviously because of his age you will have to wait to "do" anything, but if you really like each other that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 19, so it's about the same. Trust me, if you are resolute and faithful, you can definitely make it work.

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    Thats tough.

    Too old is a hard thing to say. If he makes you happy then thats all that truly matters. Not age, not anything else. I went through the same thing about 2 years ago. My girlfriend was 16 and i was 19. The best thing to do (i know this sounds stupid :P ) is to talk to both you're parents if you decide you want to go out. If you don't there actually could be legal problems.

    Best of luck!

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    Though many people may disagrre with me, 15 is a young age to date. and most high school relationship don't last. If you really like him and would like to continue to get to know him, then keep it on a friendship level until you are both out of high school. If you still have an interest in him in that way and he is still single then go for something more serious. Dating and relationships are not something to be taken lightly.

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    Sorry to break your heart but he's too old. I'm sure you'll find someone you'll like thats your age. I will admit that my mom is 40 and my "Step" Dad is 50, but there a lot older and Age Difference doesn't count. Maybe if you meet in the future you'll feel the same way and so will he. It won't be weird because of your ages either. Shouldnt be.

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  • well in the entire scheme of things, I personally believe that he is not "too old" for you however, you would have to put his future into perspective. Many times we as a society get hung up on labels. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Baby Mama, Best Friend... I think whats most important is that you concentrate on you. It is important to build that relationship with yourself first - to become an independent, free thinker - who is able to function in modern day society on your own two feet. obviously you will have some time to grow into a strong woman. I wouldnt get too wrapped up in dating yet... perhaps a few friendly dates wouldnt hurt.. but just keep everything in perspective!

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    Well my boyfriend is 4 years older than me, im 18, and he's 22, but its not quite the same since you are only 15.

    Just keep it simple. Hang out with him and be his friend for a while so you can see if he likes you as more than a friend, perhaps.

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    Well it does kinda sound like he's being flirty with you, which is always a good sign. Seriously age is just a number, he's only three years older than you, which I don't think is a big deal. On top of that girls mature faster than guys do, so we usually do go for the older guys because we are looking for someone who is on our maturity level. Well anyway good luck with that and I hope it works out for ya!

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    Well, it could go either way. Maybe he does like you, but then again.. guys at this age are complete a*holes.. they only want one thing, and I think your smart enough to know what that is! If I were you, I'd go after him, but make sure you watch out for yourself. I've heard some sick stories about guys his age doing bad things to girls like us (I'm 15 too haha :) )

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    3 yrs is nothing and he definitely likes you, but you have to be the one to show that you like him if you do cause many guys are terrified of rejection

    do you people think that a 30 yr o0ld guy and a 27 yr old girl is wrong cause hes to old? no you dont theres nothing wrong with 3 years when ur in hs and you are mature enough to choose

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    I think he might like you, just flirt with him some more and maybe he will ask you out. And that isnt a very big age difference. If it was like 20 years apart then..yeah. Just make sure he isnt trying to go out with you for the sex only!

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