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does anyone has experience of study abroad in Leon, Spain?? i need some experiences before taking decision. t?

I want to do a study abroad program from university, but I am also kinda scare to go by myself to a foreign language country, although I am suppose to learn Spanish over there. please give me some suggestion about study abroad, especially about Spain, oh, and the program that I am going to apply is University of Leon, Spain. Thank you.

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    Reading Lilly comments I gather she never been there. mobs etc she getting Spain mix up with Mafia in the USA? or watching the Sopranos? you are putting fear about going to Leon before you have even tried it. Leon is a beautiful city

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    I would be scared too if I had to go there. Spain has a lot of mobs and stuff like that. Just remember not to go anywhere by yourself.

    Good luck:)


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