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HELP! What colleges will accept me?


What type of school do you think I would be able to get into? University of Florida? Cornell? (I really just want to go there b/c of Keith Olbermann...) Duke? Tufts? University of Miami? Anything?

I have a 3.5 unweighted gpa and 4.8 weighted. I could've had a 4.0 but I slacked off majorly when my father died my freshman yr. I know I didn't try as hard as I could but you never really get over death. I think it'll be in the 5.somethings by the time grades lock because I'm taking 5 APs (and have As in all but 1 B)

I took 2 APs my junior year (Bio-3 and Eng-5) and am currently taking 5 as a senior (Eng, Environmental, French, Gov (then Econom) and Art History as an online class) along with keyboard I and debate and business ownership III (honors).

I'm an active member or board member of:

Speech & Debate secretary (1st place regionals, semis for states #12, national qualifier), Drama (backstage techie until this year when i tried out for a part and got it), FBLA secretary (1st place regionals), NHS (i lied. i'm just in this club just 2 be in it. inducted and lots of comm. serv. tho), SNHS (i bake for fundraising...)

I go to health fairs and observe medical procedures and translate when I can. (creole, french, some spanish)

National Achievement Scholar Semi-Finalist and I've turned in my application already to go for finalist status. Is it that that big of a deal? Tufts encouraged me to apply and try to get this scholarship for minorities...

I've never taken SAT/ACT... but I will this Saturday!

O yeah. I didn't go to nationals for debate b/c I decided an internship awarded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute over the summer at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis doing research was better. They started on the same date. A week in las Vegas w/ my annoying debate coach v. like 2 months doing research to cure spinal cord injuries....

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    You have tons of credentials. Apply wherever you want. Colleges understand things like death in the family, personal illness, familial illness, anything that can make your grades suffer. The languages help, as does the community service and loads of APs. Honestly, if you can get high scores on your SAT and ACT, you'll probably have your choice of schools. The trick is to cinch a kick-*** interview where you can, and play up your strengths. I'd get a move on, though, and get those applications in.

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    The James Cook University in Townsville Australia....they will take anyone lol

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    You have a good chance at all of them.

    Just keep up the hard work. Good luck.

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