What can I do to effectively study in AP World History?!?

I feel really bad I just took a practice quiz for the next chapter and I received a 32%. I'm studying so hard and I feel like I'm not getting results. I feel like I do okay sometimes, or just terrible on other times. I don't know what to do, I've been studying every day, no computer or anything. How could I have gotten that score? This class is really beginning to upset me I understand it's an AP but I'm seriously not happy with those grades. I'm working extremely hard and not getting positive results. Any tips or advice please?

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    Effective Study Strategies

    Read the text assignments before going to class.

    Sit in the front of the classroom.

    Write down clear directions for all assignments.

    Focus on what the teacher is saying, not how.

    Scan reading materials before reading.

    Type papers when possible.

    Develop mnemonics (memory cues) when possible.

    Keep a calendar of major events including tests, deadlines, etc.

    Set up a study area for that purpose only.

    Work on one assignment at a time.

    Keep all the supplies and materials you need readily available.

    Take periodic breaks (5-10 minutes each hour.)

    Underline major points in your notes.

    Get together study groups to review before tests.

    Pay special attention to the first and last five minutes of the class.

    Ask questions if you don’t understand.

    Several shorter study periods are better than one long one.

    Breakup large assignments into a number of small tasks.

    Get a good night’s rest before an exam.

    Read through the entire exam before beginning.

    Answer the easiest questions first.

    Pace yourself to allow adequate time for each question

    Type up notes as soon as possible.

    Use five-minute blocks of time to review notes.

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  • 4 years ago

    I took APUSH my junior year of HS and it was very difficult for me to adjust to the lower grades I immediately began receiving. My best advice is to remember that the real objective of the class is to pass the test at the end of the year. My teacher informed us that if we passed the AP test, he would change all of our grades through the year into A's. Don't worry a great deal about the grades for college reasons 'cuz it's more important to schools to see that you took harder courses and challenged yourself. Anyway, enough of my rambling, good luck. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any other APUSH questions.

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