University of Alabama?

I got into the university of alabama but the out of state tuition is a killer.

I have a 3.02 with a 1100sat and a 26act and also im hispanic.

do you think i have a chance of receiving any scholarship money?

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    Honestly? Probably not.

    I'm looking at some slightly out-of-date data, but in 2006, the University of Alabama awarded "merit-based" financial assistance to only 30.2% of financial aid recipients. Of the students who were determined to need financial aid, Alabama was able to provide 100% of the needed funds to only 14.8%, though almost 91% received some assistance.

    The average GPA of entering freshmen in 2006 was 3.4, and the largest block of freshmen (30%) had a GPA over 3.75. Your 26 ACT would have ranked you comfortably above average.

    Never say never, but I wouldn't rely on significant scholarship aid. Your heritage may qualify you for additional funds - especially if Hispanics are considered an "under-represented" group at UA, but I would not expect that you're a top-of-the-admissions-class student. Merit-aid is generally awarded need-blind, meaning that everyone competes for the academic scholarships, with no special preference given to those who need financial aid.

    I'm sorry that I couldn't be more encouraging - but I would highly recommend that you seek out scholarship funding from non-institutional sources - your local city hall, clubs, your or your parents' employers, and your high school.

    Good luck to you!

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    i understand somebody who utilized for a job there. He grew to become into very shocked by ability of the selection and open mindedness of the college and scholars. in spite of the shown fact that, the encompassing Alabama state remains very conservative. i do no longer understand approximately journalism, yet they have reliable biology application there.

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