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Is Tim Duncan the best PF ever?

in my opinion he is the best PF ever, even though he is listed as a PF, In reality he really is a Center.


yes i did consider KG, but look what it took for him to win a champonship. the best shooter in the league and then one of the best sf in the league and a ton of excellent role players. thats why he is not the best ever.

MAlone was amazing but its so hard to put him there if he never won a championship.

Same with Barkley.

And Larry bird was more of a sf than Duncan is more of a Center.

I agree Duncan is a Center but they dont list him as that for some reason. Larry Bird is listed as a SF and he played like a SF, even he moved to PF sometimes.

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    Yes. Man's a phenom. No one has trained their fundamentals like him

    4 championship rings

    3 Finals MVPs

    2 MVPs

    1 All-Star game MVP

    Knowing you're the greatest power forward every time you're stepped on the court. Priceless.

    No seriously, he once averaged 25 points, 17 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 blocks in the 2003 Finals. That speaks for itself..

    No one has ever hype him up because he plays borrrringggg, and he isn't an offender of law or something. Not like he punched a whore or murdered someone, nah.

    Source(s): I'm sorry, but KG is not better than him. He doesn't have any Finals MVP, only one ring. And how can you say he is better than Duncan? What does he has, stats? Tied. Accomplishments? Duncan wins. Awards? Duncan wins It's same with Malone and Barkley. Both doesn't have any Finals MVP or championships. And this seriously hurt them. NOTE: If someone is going to say he is not the best. Please say who is. And why. Because he is an absolute stat phenom, so you definitely can't say he has no skill. Not to mention he has the awards and accomplishments to back it up. EDIT: Bill has 11 championships, but he is in no way a center. Bench press? Oh. Apparently Malone could bench press, so what? And Larry is a SF. Tim Duncan isn't even retired.
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    Im scratching my head whenever i read people complain that Timmy is not as skilled as Garnett and that it somehow puts KG over Duncan. Garnett could only wish he had the refined and dependable low post moves of Duncan. PF's like Duncan and Malone dont need the guard-like skills of Garnett to be effective and successful. Versatility or having the skills to do everything in a b-ball game is not necessary when you have 4 other teammates on the floor with you.

    Duncan has the MVP's, rings and mastered the skills that you would need/expect from a power forward. What more could you ask for from the best PF ever? Three point shooting ability? Give it to the guards; Duncan is not a back court player and it would take him or any PF for that matter, away where they are really needed. In the low post.

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    Welllllll... there genuinely is a few compelling data that Tim Duncan is a midsection. This comes from a activities Illustrated tale revealed until eventually now this season: "2 weeks in the past, before interest one million of the sequence against the Jazz, Popovich grew to become into asked whom he'd be commencing at midsection, and he responded, "Tim Duncan, like we've for the final 15 years." And for that reason the lamest ruse in present day NBA history finally got here to an end. After 2 a protracted time of being spoke of as a potential forward, of displaying up on All-action picture star ballots as a potential forward, of engendering debate approximately whether he's already the terrific ever on the 4, the Spurs have come sparkling. Tim Duncan's a midsection. consistently has been." grew to become into Pop being severe, or grew to become into he in simple terms enjoying yet another interest on the medias fee? i do no longer understand, I wasn't there. Duncan has had a lot of opposition interior the low submit. Shaq and Garnett and Howard are all going to the HOF. Gasol is in all possibility headed there too. Bynum has been erratic, yet he ought to become large. Stoudamire grew to become right into a rigidity for some years with Phoenix, until eventually he wrecked his knee. If something, the vast adult adult males from the ninety's have been overvalued. Malone and Robinson submit vast numbers yet ought to in no way supply while their communities mandatory them maximum. Ewing grew to become into no longer something particular, the sole reason he have been given any interest grew to become into because of the fact he performed in ny.

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    Yes he is. Duncan reminds me of Hakeem in some ways because he dominated both ends of the floor. His numerous selections to the All NBA 1st Team and NBA All-Defensive 1st Team illustrates that. Karl Malone's resume features more All NBA 1st Team selections but he lags behind Duncan in the All-Defensive 1st or 2nd Team nominations. Duncan has quadruple the amount of rings the Mailman or Sir Charles has. I don't consider Bird a power forward (even though he could be if he wanted to) but McHale was Boston's premier go-to big forward.

    Garnett is building an impressive resume (similar to Duncan) which also features All NBA 1st Team and All Defensive Team selections but he trails TD in terms of titles. KG does have a Defensive Player of the Year Award which Duncan does not have. If Garnett somehow manages to win 3 more titles then we may have a debate regarding who the best PF of All-Time is. Until that happens, Duncan stands alone by himself at the top of Mt. Everett.

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    No, i don't think he is. He's just had a great career because of all the good players he always been surrounded with.

    I think Karl Malone gets overlooked because he didn't win a championship, But Malone was a beast on the block. He must have benched at least 300 LB or more...He also SECOND on the all time scoring list. Come on? He's definitely the best

    I think TD is good, but not the BEST.

    Larry bird was also good

    don't forget Bill Russell- 9 championships says something.

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    Tim Duncan is one of the top 5 Power Forwards of all time. He's not the best, but he sure as hell is close...the best PF has to go to Larry Bird or Bob Petit. Karl Malone is there, and then there's probably George Gervin. Duncan's still in the top 5.

    EDIT: Oh, how I could I have forgotten Charles Barkley?!

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    in my opinion yes, the man was a terror downlow in his prime just as much as Shaq, and Duncan led the Spurs to 10 50-win season, that is consistency that this league have yet seen.

    Tim Duncan also made players around him better, Tony Parker and Ginobili wouldn't be the players they are today without Timmy. And even before those 2 developed fully, Duncan led them to a NBA title in 2003.

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    Its between him and Sir Charles. The problem is that he's a center so if I count him as a power forward then I have to count Larry Bird (who also played power forward at times) as a power forward and if I do that then Larry is hands down the best power forward ever.

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    Nah, right now Kevin Garnett is better. But all time Malone, Barkley, Bird, Worthy, and Kevin McHale, even others were better. The rings are nice and all but that is a team accomplishment. In terms of skill he's not really even close to the top.

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    first of all his primary is power forward. and in my opinion (IM NOT JUST SAYING THIS CUZ IM A SPURS FAN!) but i think he is the best power forward ever. he has 2 LEAGUE mvp's, 3 FINALS mvp's, (even though its just 4 show) been in the all star gamez many many timez and shared the mvp wit shaq once, and he just dominates at both ends of the floor.

    Source(s): im uh major spurz fan, so iz my dad
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