State of Iowa DUI Restrictions?

4 years ago my friend got his 3rd DUI in the state of Iowa. He was 17 for the first one, 24 for the second and 30 for the third. He is 35 now. He was sent a lift notice almost 2 years ago but was told he would not be allowed to get his license by his probate officer until he got off parol which was last year. He went to go get his license today and was told he would not be able to get his license until 2018. I'm not sure I understand why he was sent a lift notice if he can't get his license yet?The lady at the DOT said even in order to get his work permit he would have to get an attorney? Can someone point me in the right direction so I can help my friend?

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    First of all Iowa does not have DUI's they have OWI's. For his third OWI offense the Period of Revocation should be 6 years, however If there are any fines that have not been paid on time or any kind of violation such as driving while he was revoked or getting an added suspension time for being a habitual offender that time can add up really fast and make it difficult to get your license back

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