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William L asked in HealthOptical · 1 decade ago

what are lenticular lens for eye glasses?

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    Those are the high powered Plus power lenses , also called " cataract lenses" that were used for those who had cataract surgery before intra ocular implants were available.

    They were usually in the + 11.00 to + 15.00 range.

    Thank goodness they are almost a thing of the past....although some people still have to wear them, who had surgery many years ago and are not able to have in implanted lens installed.

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    Lenticular Lens

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    No your eye is not like a muscle in your forearm. Look at the anatomy of the eye and you will see that there are muscles on the outside that let you more your eyes up, down, and around, but there are no muscles inside of your eye ball. There are fibers that control your lens that allow you when you are young to look at things that are close or at a distance. You can train yourself to look near or far. This process is called accommodation. In most people, it goes away after 40 years of age and they have to get reading glasses. Exercise cannot make your eyesight better to worse, not even will a ton of practice. To change your eyesight you will have to have a way to change your focal length which means glasses, contacts, or laser surgery. If you are sure that your glasses are correct since what it sounds like is that you have a lenticular astigmatism that is not corrected, then the only answer is to wear your glasses enough to get used to them.

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    Lenticular Lenses

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