under cabinet lighting in the kitchen?

I'm going to install undercabinet lighting in my new kitchen.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this. My kitchen is going to be demo'd in a week, and I'm going to give myself a day in the middle to run the wiring.

I'm very comfortable running simle electrical circuits (one switch with a serial string of lights), but wouldn't mind some tips from people who have done it before. I'd like these to be dimmable. That said:

1) Should I go the 24v route.

2) My wife really likes the look of incandecant lighting. I know that's going by the way sides, but are there any undercabinet lighting options that have that look? Everything seems to be halogen.

3) Is there one brand that is any better than another?

4) Is Rope Lighting an option?

Sorry for all of the dumb questions. I'd greatly appreciate any advice.



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    24V? More 12V under cabinet lights are common. Lots of heat, Transformer, general spotty effect from the light, dimmable.

    Puck lights are available in LED models now.

    The cheaper the fixture the more problem prone they will be.

    Xenon fixtures will burn slightly cooler than the Halogen ones.

    I prefer Elco or Nora, been selling them for years, both good solid companies.

    New under cabinet product to consider is from American Fluorescent. They have a LED under-cabinet model that produces as much light as three 20W pucks. Three way switch, low, high, and off. Very thin and linkable.

    Rope lighting is O.K. but won't give as much light on the surface for any tasking assistance.

    The new fluorescent under-cabinet fixtures have come a long way. Something to consider.

    Whatever you put in, it is important to mount them as close to the front lip as possible to avoid glare.

    Good luck

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    24 v is awsome lighting most use an 18 v xenon bulb that is very crisp bright light. I would check on the web for seagull lighting they sell a nice transformer that is small you can put it on top of cabinets or top shelf if your cabinets go to the ceiling. The lights themselves are only about 2 in diameter so they hide nicely underneath. The only problem with rope lites is you dont get a bright lite from them and your kinda limited on lengths they are more for decor or night lights. As far as incandecant lights go itll be kinda hard to find something that is slimline enough to hide under the cabinets unlike low voltage or thin flourescent. Hope that helps and good luck with your project.

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    There are little round lites that people put in china cabinets to light up - china. I've seen them under cabinet's and it looks very good. You might be able to get some that are battery operated and you wouldn't have to deal with wiring at all. I've always thought to try the cheapest way first...and if you don't like it - then change it. You could always sell the lights on eBay if they don't work out!!

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    Your first answer is very good.

    I personally like a product called "counter attack" it is 110 volt ,

    it can be dimmed the bulb is xeon . The light has multiple sockets the amount depends on the length. I believe they range from 12" with 3 sockets on up to 36" with 12 lamps.

    They are easy to install and I haven't seen the same maintenance problems I have had with puck lights.

    I disagree with one thing, I like to install the lights against the back of the cabinet not the front.

    Good luck

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    I agree to NOT do rope lighting. I put it under mine and it is more like mood lighting, not task lighting. The plastic turned a burnt color where the rope touched or crossed itself. It was hard to find exactly where to cut the end off without killing any lights. And the plastic clips that come with it are useless, the rope heats them up and within a week they will snap off.

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    we use only LED lighting under ours.....

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