In the Crucible, Act 2 what are the things against John Proctor?


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    Went to for a 'refresher course' on Act 2 of The Crucible.

    John Proctor had many things in the four scenes of this act 'against' him.

    1.) His guilty and remorseful knowledge that he committed adultery.

    2.) His inability to re-connect with his wife.

    3.) His reluctance to go the the Salem court to denounce it, knowing Abigail will tell about their 'affair.'

    4.) His anger at Puritanical ideas of 'sin.'

    6.) His forgetting to mention 'adultery' when asked by the Reverend Hale to list the ten commandments, for which his wife is bitter.

    7.) His anger at Mary for her deeds.

    8.) The fact that he did not go to church every Sunday.

    9.) His growing realization, as his own wife is soon accused of witchcraft, that he must do something, something likely to ruin him.

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