Why is Google different on a certain computer?

On my work computer, in the past couple of weeks when I Google something it just gives me pages of ads (i.e. Shopzilla, etc.) followed by sort of distantly term-related sites, but never what I'm looking for. On my home computer and other people's work computers Google is normal, but on my work computer I just get useless drivel with every search. This all started after someones friend used my computer to look at porn and picked up a virus; I had to do some serious sweeping and Google's never been the same since. I tried a different browser (Firefox vs IE) and it's the same result. Help - I really want the old Google back at work!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Someone set it up to do that - google allows you to customize how results are displayed.

    If you go to options, privacy, and cookies in your browser - you can delete all of them or even go further and delete just googles.

    Or, when you go to google, you'll see a preferrences link right next to the search box - just click it and look at all the settings.

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