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who is a b horror movie expert?

Me and my brother are talking about horror movies we had seen as kids and there was this one movie we rented..I'd say in the early 90's where there's this guy who is a mad doctor/scientist who lives in an abandoned house and one rainy cliche night some teens car breaks down and they look for refuge in his house, during which the doc is haunted by childhood memories-explaing why he's so effed up. In one memory, he's a child and after his mom dies the police have no one to take him in so they sew him inside his mom's corpse. Crazy, huh? Does anyone know this film? I'd say it came out in the 80's early 90's. I wish I knew more about it......

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    I am not a b movie expert, but I am sure that the scene of the child inside the mother's corpse is from "Dr. Giggles". Here's the part in a video:

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    It sounds like Dr. Giggles but there are a few details that are diffferent so I am not sure if it's right...

    In Dr.Giggles his father sews him inside his mothers body after she dies to protect him from the towns people who were coming to kill the father, also the scene where the teens go to his house is different, it's not raining in the movie.

    I'm not sure if this is the right movie but has some similarities to you should check it out.

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    Dr. Giggles

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