What are the issues of gun control in the United States as of this year?

I need to know this for my American Government Class. Your answers will help alot. Get best answer.

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    The same issues gun owners have faced every year, trying to eliminate our right to buy handguns, imprinting each and every shell with a serial number, putting black guns on the list of guns we don't need to own, changing laws to hunt with certain types of ammo on state and federal lands (California for instance, using lead ammunition).

    Basically making life hard for the law abiding citizen. What will hurt us, the sportsman and law abiding man and woman who own a gun is the way the anti's word their laws. Every one should belong to a sportsman's club, NRA or hunting organization, for instance, the NWTF, Whitetails Unlimited, Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation, etc.These organizations spend a lot of money to help us keep our rights to bear arms and hunt.

    Source(s): Personal information and from hunting articles.
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    I am from Tennessee in the USA and I think that enforcing the gun laws already on the books would be a good place to start. And stiffer penalties for felonies involving guns. I think all law abiding citizens should be encouraged to carry concealed weapons. No one can deny that places that have less gun control, have less crimes. And why would some of you want to limit me on the size, and amount of guns I have? That is like limiting the amount of Horsepower in a vehicle. My friend has a 550 Hp Mustang Cobra. Excessive to some but, So What! Mind your own business, if someone wants that and they are law abiding then by all means they should enjoy it! Same as a 50 caliber BMG sniper rifle accurate at over a mile. Some would call it excessive then again, mind your own business and if some one is willing to pay about $6000 for it what is the problem? Thugs wont have these weapons cause there money is tied up in drugs. " You can take my guns when you pry them out of my cold dead hands " Charlton Heston

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    Same as always, whether or not the Constitution actually means what it says, or whether its meaning depends on what the media can convince you to believe it says.

    Simple fact is that either the Constitution has meaning or it doesn't.

    If it doesn't, then it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, the government can do whatever it wants to do, regardless of who likes it, thinks it is a good idea, or whether or not it even has a purpose, let alone a chance of accomplishing that purpose. If there's no Constitution, there are no limits on the government.

    If it does mean something, then the question is whether the people that want it to mean something else are willing to be honest and change it via the procedures set forth within Article 5 of the document itself, or whether they think it is simpler to ignore it, convince a court to ignore it, and convince you that it never said what it says in the first place.

    For my part, I think the Second Amendment is by far the clearest part of the Constitution, "shall not be infringed" seems about as straightforward as anything I ever read.

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    Check out the court case earlier this year in the Supreme Court. They overturned a Washington D.C. ban on handguns stating that this violated the 2nd Amendment. This is a landmark case as I believe it was the first time the Supreme Court issued a ruling on that Amendment.

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    Union Fireman is correct. We have a right to protect ourselves. Word up evil doer's.

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    NRA has A great web site. About any question you want is there.

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