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Yahoo Mail Asking for a Code before Sending?

Before I am able to send an e-mail I am asked to enter a code. I know this was an issue a while back, but it seems to have returned.

Anyone know why? My e-mails are not unusual with links or obscure messages in them.


Thank you ooops. That clears things up for me. I thought they were just being annoying. Seriously.

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    It's an anti spam measure that Yahoo are trying out to make sure it is a person sending the mail not a bot.. I am very curious as to why they are going to these lengths though. It would suggest that they are aware of some serious bot spammers infiltrating Yahoo Answers. We will have to wait and see how long it continues.

  • 4 years ago

    I am supposed to get permission before involving myself in the matters of another. Most of the time I have been asked to send positive energy when I do so - so yes, permission has been granted. And if theres a reason I feel I want to do something for someone I'm generally going to ask first. But I use common sense too - if someone I know is in the hospital, I'm not going to wait until they wake up so I can ask them if it's alright with them if I send them some positive energy.... that is downright silly to me. I'll take my consequences on stuff like that. But I don't just go sending out energy with every energy request that comes through my inbox either. My ethics dictate that well intentioned meddling is not much different from ill intentioned meddling in the grand scheme of things, but I am always going to be guided by my own view of things and that's my logic regardless of what type of things we're talking about.

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