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what are these battery types LR03-ZR03-BR401-HR03-R03(the Difference)?and can I use any of them with my mp3?

my mp3 is ws-321m.

thank you.

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    If you mean the Olympus ws-321m, then it should take AAA batteries. Common equivalents are LR03, 24A, 24AC, MN2400, 4003/4203, E92, K3A, 824, AM4, ND61R

    as for the difference, it depends on the chemicals inside. LR03 is alkaline, ZR03 is oxyride, BR 401 is a NiMH rechargeable, but it's all the same size and voltage rating.

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    Lr03 Battery

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    Do a search for 'battery equivalents'.

    The player's handbook will tell you at least one type of battery and you will be able to make comparisons between it and whatever your search coughs up.

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