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name this mob/western movie?

its a black & white movie and it features a family that are like mob/gang type family , features only the mother and sons i think and they capture i think the sherrifs daughter and they keep her locked in a bedroom , the mob familys son has a disability starts to like the girl nd tends to look after her and doesnt like to hurt her - basicaly falls in love with her

any help on this please

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    sounds like porno to me

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    The Grissom Gang

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    Mojo is right

    Its The Grissom Gang

    Set in the 1920s Depression, a gang of half-witted small-time hoods led by Slim Grissom kidnap heiress Barbara Blandish and Slim proceeds to fall in love with her. Remake of the 1948 British film "No Orchids for Miss Blandish."

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