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Tchibo bike computer?

I bought a bike computer from Tchibo and had to bring it back to be swapped because it didn't work. I got another one and tried it, that also doesn't work.

It always shows a speed like 9.9mph although the bike's stationary.??

I think everything is set up properly...

I put the bike computer on the handlebars, attached the magnet to the wheel, put the sensor on the pole-thing next to the wheel spokes...

And it doesn't work...I don't think two after each other wouldn't work so i must be doing something wrong. What could it be??

Here's the link:


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    Even if you have the wheel circumference incorrect the computer should indicate zero when the bike is stationery. If the wheel magnet is misaligned it will stop the display from indicating anything. The only other possibility is that the computer is still in settings mode. Read the instructions carefully to make sure this is not the case. If there is nothing wrong with the settings then it is knackered and you should get your money back. Halfords (UK) offer a range of simple computers that I have found to be easy and reliable. Other than this the Cateye computers might be a bit more expensive but work well.

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    Take it back and get a wired one, I never had much luck with the wireless ones. Get a Cateye Strada it has cadence.

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    Buy a POLAR Heart rate monitor and bike computer...

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