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點解Ca放電子o既能力無Na咁好,但係E.C.S到又排得高過Na o既??

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    Ca belongs to Group 2 while Na belongs to Group 1 in the

    Periodic Table .

    It is easier for Na to lose one electron to form Na+

    than Ca to lose two electrons to form Ca2+ .

    In the E.C.S. , the position of Ca is higher than that of Na means

    Ca is a stronger reducing agent and has a higher ability to reduce

    others while oxidizing itself .

    Why ? Na should be the one who lose electron more readily .

    Ca is in Period 4 while Na is in Period 3 ,

    Ca has one more electron shell than Na ,

    the attraction from the nucleus on the outermost electrons of Ca

    is thus less than that of Na.

    That's why

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    Ca E.C.S排得高過Na o既???????????????

    K, Na, Ca, Mg, Al..........

    Ca need to give out 2 electrons to form a Ca2+ ion, it is easy to lose the first electron, but more difficult (compare with the first electron) to lose the second electron from Ca+ (positive charge) ion.

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