part time work in australia?

yoyo. applying for study at australia. need to know whether part time work in sydney working as an undergraduate student earn more than at adelaide or vice versa. and does the extra pay justify the living expenses. the thing with sydney is that its more expensive, yet more attractive. go figure. also apparently the population in sydney is four times that of adelaide. smart a-ss comments appreciated

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    You wont get paid any better for part time work in Sydney than you will in Adelaide. The cost of living in Sydney is very high, especially if you want to live in or close to the city, living in Adelaide is a lot more affordable. To afford to live in Sydney you would have to work a lot more hours than you would in Adelaide because of the higher cost of rent and food etc. so you wont have as much time for a social life. Adelaide has around 1.3 million people which is a lot smaller than Sydney, but it is a nice city, and is a lot safer than Sydney.

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