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To Christians voting for Obama from a Christian?

I am not asking to mock or criticize I just don't understand the reasoning. Don't get me wrong, I am not a McCain fan either, I am not voting for the best man, I am voting for the man who I think wouldn't be as bad as the other. So my question is, Why are you voting for Obama?

I believe that as Christians we are to be good stewards of our environment but, I don't believe the US is destroying it. I think we are amongst the cleanest countries on the earth and I think by becoming slaves to this global warming thing we further threaten our economy. I think we therefore put things above people. Don't get me wrong like I said we should take care of creation but not to the point where people can't eat because food because we are burning corn for fuel. And besides this point, McCain believes in global warming too so what is the difference?

Obama believes in abortion, even if the baby lives through a botched abortion the doctors should still have a right to kill it. He voted to knock down all restrictions to abortion. If the man doesn't value innocent life, who's life does he value? This is my biggest reason for not voting for him. And almost my only reason for voting McCain.

Obama is fine with giving money to the poor as long as it's someone else's money. In my belief Jesus told me to feed the poor not for me to force someone else to do it on my behalf. There is no virtue in that. I don't really have a problem with helping someone else out. I think they should make an effort to help themselves out first. I Do give to the needy and believe all Christians should, I just don't forcefully take from someone else so that I can give it to someone who may or may not have tried to earn it. Obama said he is his brother's keeper, his brother, George, has been living in a hut in Africa living on 12 dollars a year. I am glad he isn't my brother.

I believe that birds of a feather flock together, and some of the guys he has hung around has been a wierdo preacher who says about other religions that Jesus said was talking about them when he said "And other sheep I have , which are not of this fold" Jn10:16 when what Jesus actually said was "And other sheep I have , which are not of this fold: them also I must bring , and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd." speaking of the gentiles.

Then there is Rezko that got him his property for about a million under value and now sits in prison for fraud and bribery and was under investigation for influence peddaling. Obama won him a 14million dollar development paid by the tax payers. These guys were tight although when Rezko went to jail Obama said "This isn’t the Tony Rezko I knew". Without saying it in those words he said the same thing about Jeremiah Wright.

Then there his friend the terrorist William Ayers who had a part in bombing the homes of judges and their families, federal buildings and even declared war on the United States. In the paper on sept 11, 2001 he said he wished he would have done more. This is a man who is the equivalent of timothy McVeigh but Ayers got away with it. And I would have nothing to do with him other than tell him what a low life he is. Whether or not I was 8 years old when these things happened has nothing to do with Ayers being a piece of trash. Strong words from a Christian but the man has no problem with killing to make a political point. Obviously Obama doesn't feel the same way I do.

Like I said I am not a McCain fan at all. I think he will be a lousy president but, I think Obama would be much worse and I can go on with my reasons why. But, I just want to know as a Christian, what justifies your vote for him. You can use Scripture if you wish, I live by them also. I would like if you addressed my points or if you felt the same way about McCain as I do Obama. I just want to know what makes you feel that this is the man you feel that God would want in office.


Obama was in Ayers living room when with a Dr Young when he learned Obama was running for the senate, did he start his political career there? I don't know but, all the same he was in the man's living room and Dr.Young described them as friends so I would not call that anything bordering false witness, here is the article I found that on.

And if you are a Christian I still would like to know

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    As a believer, I'm voting against him because his intentions for "distribution of wealth" is blatantly Socialist. That simply can't be denied. And that is not what America is about. This is a country where people work hard for what they earn and they don't deserve for it to be taken from them and given to people who are too lazy to work.

    Whether anyone believes it or not, he DOES plan to take from the achievers and give to the non-achievers. He has even admitted that. That is Socialism at it's finest. And that scares the heck out of me! I don't want a government who takes care of it's citizens, I want a government who allows it's citizens to take care of themselves and stays out of our business.


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    1) If you or anyone else thinks you have to choose the "lesser of two evils", you should choose neither. There are other names on the ballet. Go with a third party. I've considered doing that, but I think I will vote for Obama. I won't list all the reasons why, but I will answer what you said.

    2) Global warming is not something the candidates disagree on. They just sugest different ways to solve the problem. I like Obama's ideas.

    3) You have the right to be against abortion, but what you say about pro-choice is very unfair. We all care about innocent life regardless of how we feel about a womans right to choose.

    4) You're worried about your tax money going to the poor??? Do you know how much the war in Iraq cost us? Do you know how much this bail-out of morgage companys will cost us? I WISH all my tax money would go to the poor.

    5)Timothy Mc Veigh murdered 168 people. What Ayers did was criminal, but it was 40 years ago. Obama was a child. If Ayers was still doing these things he would be in prison now. And how do you know what the relationship between him and Obama really is? They may not even know eachother very well.

    6) There is no scripture to support either candidate. Last time I looked neither of their names were in the Bible

  • db606
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    1 decade ago

    True Christians would do what Christ would do. Jesus was compassionate, healed the sick, and took care of the less fortunate. He was not pro-wealth, big business, forget about the little guy. Jesus would support Obama.

    Religious right folks get caught up in the abortion issue and forget about everything else.

    Do you think Jesus would want to see you ruin the earth that God gave you? Do you really think we are one of the cleanest countries on earth??? Where are you getting your information? Do you know how much oil we consume? Do you know how much carbon emissions the US puts in the atmosphere.

    Also, you're reaching on the Ayers thing. Just as an FYI, he was Chicago's Citizen of the Year in the late nineties for the work he's performed helping educate the youth of that city.

    Christians should think like Jesus and vote for Obama.

  • 1 decade ago

    As a citizen who happens to be a Christian I also know the facts you cited are true. But I am not voting against him because of those reasons alone. I believe his political philosophy is socialist. Perhaps even more so than Hillary Clinton. And he has friends that are not people that if you put a bible in front of them to swear to uphold the Constitution of the United Sates of America. They would not do it because in their hearts let us say their actions and words have shown me that they would never do it. This is why I have no trust for Obama. And I have never trusted Senator Biden either. .

    Of course this is just my opinion and in no way reflects the views of all Christians.

  • 1 decade ago

    This might not be the nicest thing to say, but it is my opinion.

    I do not see how someone who is a true CHRISTIAN could vote for this man. This election as I see it is voting for the lesser of two evils. I'm not a McCain fan either, but I would rather die than vote for Obama. I know and you do to, that GOD does not want this man to run our country. He doesn;t stand for anything good, much less stand for anything at all. (He;s flipped flopped so many times on issues)

    If he becomes president I will fear for my country, my family and myself.

    I have really been reading Revelations lately and its really starting to unfold quickly under our own eyes.


    Most of the people who are voting for him have no great reason to....I'm scared!

  • connie
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    1 decade ago

    I am christian and also am not really trusting either candidate, but will vote for the lesser of the 2 evils as they say. I will vote for McCain for the moral issues also. And I will not accuse Obama of all the rumors, but I really feel he is a shady character that cannot be trusted at all. But my biggest reason is that I do not fear man as much as I do my God. I do not think Obama will back up Israel as McCain will and God said in His Word that whoever curses Israel will be cursed and whoever blesses Israel will be blessed. USA has backed Israel so far, but if Obama gets in, who knows?

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    Spiritually speaking (since that is what you've asked of us)...Obama is a Christian and that means that he has the Holy Spirit. I trust that hope more than the hope of McCain and his deceptive politics. He picked Palin to kiss the tail-ends of conservative Christians. It's worked...that's foolish. Obama is forthright. I trust that. I believe he has good intentions. I don't agree with abortion, but I don't believe that forcing my beliefs on non-Christians is going to save babies, gays from marrying and prostitutes from selling themselves. You NEVER change people by forcing them to conform. You cause them to rebel. That is why America is where it is. When America first began, people minded their own business. They didn't care what Suzy down the road was doing with Helen. And if they did, they hung them both. That's not justifiable, is it? Then again, millions of Christians have somehow justified Bush and his EVIL works of war. War is never justifiable for the reasons that we have initiated it. Jesus was a pacifist. It amazes me that we expect Christ to take the crucifixion, but we Christians immediately think blood when someone attacks us. We are truly far from the truth. Spirituality doesn't work via rules and amendments. It works through faith. I have faith that God will use Obama to redeem our country from it's terrible reputation and dwindling economy and yes, it's polluted environment. We use more gas than ANY other country. That's embarassing, considering we're not the largest nation and considering that we have the funds to build mass-transit systems for all major cities. This is being a good steward of our money and environment and both are acts of loving our neighbor. I am an American that lives in China. The air quality is quite bad. I often become embittered toward SUV drivers, especially since my city has an awesome mass transit system. I suffer with headaches, allergies and a reoccuring sinus-cyst. I think it's rude for you to kill my lungs and cells with your car. I think it's rude that you want to harm born and unborn babies with that same pollution; however, I understand that there is a limited need for it. My point is, don't be overly-righteous in your own mind. McCain is not a lesser of two evils. He is an unsaved, deceptive and revenge-seeking P.O.W. (or so it appears after much of the time) I could be wrong, but that's the image that I get from him. He's twice married and has a son that is as rebellious as any Hollywood kid. Granted, we all make mistakes, but Obama's family proves that he is worthy and qualified to lead and always has been. Sorry if I step on some toes. I am just SOOOOO tired of my fellow and supposed "brothers" and "sisters" condemning me for supporting what I deem as being worthy and righteous. Especially since I've read all three of his books, read the new every day and prayed diligently about it. Pull some trees out of your own eyes and then feel free to throw stones at me and Obama, whom will be standing behind me as I continue to support and defend him as the next President of the U.S.of A.!

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    To answer the Alien man, this country was built on Christianity, that's why.

    To answer your question about who to vote for, as some Christian theologians have said, Vote for the Bible. Meaning McCain, since they can't say who to vote for or they get their tax exemption revoked.

    Now that's what I call "Freedom of Speech"

    Separation of Church and State are not in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. That was a statement made by Thomas Jefferson, but not made a law. I wish the country would get that corrected.

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    I wish i could express myself the way you do , I'm just not that articulate. So, plain and simple ; Obama , or BO as some are refering to him as ( ha ) , scares the heeby geebys out of me .

    But I wonder , who really knows who God will allow to be in office, and for what reason . So, I guess we must trust God in ALL things .

  • 1 decade ago

    im far to the left of obama but the reason im voting fot him is that i believe that conservatism is contrary to christianity. jesus was not a greedy capitalist. nor was he a war-monger. i dont believe that jesus would pull the lever of an electric chair or that he would support the exploitation of the poor.if jesus were walking the earth today, i dont believe that he would be wearing a red power-tie, driving around in a hummer with a big stogie sticking out of his mouth. it makes me mad that the conservatives have hi-jacked christianity. they are the modern day pharisees, judgemental, self-righteous hypocrates!

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