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Any Gun Owners Voting For Obama?

Do you really want to vote for a man who wants to prosecute someone for protecting himself in his own home?


Wow! I see a lot of you did not even take time to read the link I provided. If you don't believe the NRA than just check Obama's voting record. He has been voting anti-gun since 1994. Think about it. Illinois is one of only two States in the USA where there is no provisions for carrying a concealed weapon.

If the Senate gets 60 Democrats you can kiss your guns goodbye. Try reading the link or check his voting record. Here's a few:

5/20/04 - Obama votes in the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee to allow Prosecution of peoplewho use handguns in self defense.

02/15/08 - Obama states that the Gun Bans in DC and Chicago are Constitutional.

Obama was a Board Member of the anti-gun Joyce Foundation '94 - '01, the largest source of funding for radical anti-gun groups.

Enjoy your ignorance! Obama is a gun grabber.

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    Gun owner in a Castle Doctrine state.

    HELL NO I'm not voting for this liberal empty suit with 6 different positions on gun control.

    Source(s): Lifetime NRA member.
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    I have plenty of guns including handguns and I am voting Obama. I doubt he is going to press any gun control issues at any time soon - he is going to work on healthcare and the economy. Gun control will be after a lot of that is over with. If anything the most you will see in gun control will be working on more restriction on who can legally buy a gun, not allowing gun sales at gun shows (where there is little or no background checks) and more enforcement in inner cities.

    On issue that I have some differences with is not going to keep me from voting for a person that I agree with on 90% of the rest of the issues.

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    I am voting for Obama and I have guns. Ak47. AR some 30 round clips. My reason for voting Obama is because I have sold about half of my collection to pay for medical bills. And I do have health care and a job. So I am taking a chance he will not ban them.

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    Our guns will never be taken from us! with this economic crisis we are having we will have to sell our guns before they are taken! I'm not going to vote based on info given by the NRA.

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    Yes. My gun locker is well-stocked and I'm not the least afraid of Obama prosecuting... good grief. The president doesn't make the laws. Congress does. And most gun laws are state or local. You're stuck with a dog that won't hunt.

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    I do not own a gun myself, but my family has plenty. We have a right to protect ourselves if someone breaks into our house and threatens us with a deadly weapon. None of us are voting for Obama, but this is not the primary reason.

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    Another f*cking lie!! Go to FACTCHECK.ORG and read the facts and stop spreading lies! I own several guns. I carry a Tauras .357 and I AM VOTING FOR OBAMA!

    Go, check it out. Because speading lies isn't going to make your idiotic candidate win!

    You people prove again and again just how bright you really are! Keep voting for a moron who can't think for himself. He VOTES FOR BUSH 90% OF THE TIME.

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    It is hard to say ,according to your country's law ,it's legal to own a gun .however,in other country,if you own a gun ,you will be sentenc-ed,so it's up to your people's will ,i think.

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    No way. Have you gotten a call from Ted Nugent? He has a voice recorder call, calling people, and telling them not to vote for Obama. I think it's great.

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    If the intruder in your home has a gun and your life is in danger you shoot him with your gun. Plain and simple. No way in hell is Obama going to end this.

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