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Is this a good hockey stick?


sick of using the same shitty sheerwood 5030, would this be a good move up? love TPS sticks, used to have one myself

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    Well, its hard to compare wood sticks to the composites, just because they have wayy different feels. And before you go off blasting the sherwood's, consider the fact that mr jason spezza used to use them not too long ago.

    As for the TPS, i have not personally used that stick, but have used a response before (r6). It had a pretty good feel to it, similar to bauer's vapor series (vapor xxii i used). I expect it will be similar to the r6, meaning it will be really good for your wrist shots (both power and accuracy). Usually with the lower end sticks (100 dollars and under), weight is increased, which tends to mean a more durable stick as well.

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    1 decade ago

    60 flex will break in no time if you have ANYTHING for a shot and/or weigh over 120, maybe 130 pounds. As far as the stick itself, for composites I usually use Easton, though I do have a CCM that's taking up space against the wall

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