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Are there any insects that look similar to silverfish?

We've had little invaders running across the floor and hiding in our bathrooms since we moved into the house. I'm pretty sure they're silverfish, but my dad doesn't think so. I don't know if I'm just seeing weird pictures or if they're something close looking. The insects we see are skinny, they seem to have a lot of legs, and they've got the tail like a silverfish. Can you help me out? We're in NJ if that helps.


While you're at it there are these aggressive bees in our backyard. They live in the ground and they're really small, half the size of a honey bee I'd say. And their stings HURT! They are definitely not yellow jackets, I would know since we have a different infestation of those! :)

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    Could it be a Firebrat? They're in the same family as the Silverfish, but they're differently colored.

    From what I've been told, you can get rid of them by keeping areas in your house (like the bathroom) as dry as possible.

    For the bees, there are lots of easy methods. The best time to attack them is at night, when they're all nested again. My favorite method is to just pick a safe spot, and watch where they are all returning to locate the hive in the ground, log, etc.

    Make a big torch just like all the movie stars use in the movies when they are exploring the cave. Approach the entrance to the hive (with a red filter over the flashlight, which is less alarming to bees), with your match ready to fire up the torch. Yes, rags with kerosene or other fuel that will last awhile after you light it (gasoline not a good choice). Light the torch, hold it down right over the hole entrance to hive, and when the bees come flying out, they burn up. It takes awhile, but the hive will empty. Primitive, but effective.

    Most bug spray ideas do not work. The torch does.

    Wear protective clothing, something thick and hard to prevent stings. Wear darker colors like brown and black, this will keep them from flying AT you.

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    Sounds like an Earwig to me especially if they are brown! I had nasty bees buried in an old tree stump in my yard, I had to smoke them out with a big half burning stick! I hate bugs!

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