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Science Fair Topics!! For 7th grader?

Ok. I have to choose a topic for the science fair for Friday. Please no links. I can do Physical, Life, or Earth Science. I also want to do an experiment and also something different, interesting, and a winning topic. Thankk you

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    Stay away from volcanoes, pre-designed science fair kits, and anything involving plants because they take too long to grow and if something goes wrong, you're SOL because you don't have time to regrow it.

    Judges like hands-on projects. Let them turn knobs and push buttons.

    Okay, more specific ideas (these are coming right off the top of my head so forgive any crudeness or impractical advice):

    Build a WORKING human heart. Make it yourself - a cutaway model showing the different working chambers of the heart. You can demonstrate the path of blood with simple plumbing (check out the hardware store for vinyl tubing, 1/4" or smaller) and Hawaiian Punch. I'd also find a pump of some kind (maybe hacked out of one of those new age, battery-operated desk fountains) so that the entire project worked on a switch. I'd supply a link on basic wiring, but you said no links.

    My girlfriend's old chemistry teacher conducted research of her own on the local lake's amoeba levels. My biology teacher participated in locally televised news stories and evolution debates. This is probably what the kind of people that will be judging you also do in their spare time; I think it will be helpful to understand the judges' mentalities and do something that tickles their curiosity.

    Think about what's around you, something that affects everyone at the science fair. There will probably be a bazillion projects about global warming, so you'll probably want to steer clear of that. Zero in on something unique, something relatively easy to actively research, in your nearby surroundings. Toxins in the lake, chemicals in the water supply, threats to the endangered state bird, etc.

    Again from the pleasing the judge angle: I think they really want to see students engaged. If you're extremely interested in the project, it will show and you'll probably get points for that.

    Source(s): I love science pretty much more than anything. I won one of the top prizes in my own science fair.
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    One experiment I once participated in that you could do is: I was brough into a room, sat at a table with 11 or 12 other people I'd never seen before. The interviewer asked "What is 8 x 3?" He started at the other end of the table, so I was the last to go. The first person answered 20, then the next person, then the next person. I was like "What is going on? has my math been wrong all these years?" I had no idea what to answer, I was doubting 8 x3 was 24... In the end, I just said 24. Here, the other 11 or 12 people were in on it and purposely said 20 to see what I WOULD do [give into peer pressure, or no?]

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    What type of recycling is done in your local town.

    You can probably interview someone at the local waste management to see what happens to stuff.

    Another Topic:

    Solid Waste Treatment Facility..

    My earth science college class went on a tour at the waste water management. Ask for a tour & take pictures with permission. Even if you can just take pictures of signs not the actual machines.

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    winning topics r ones that u think of nd hav the knowledge to do not somethin u get off yahoo! sorry i couldnt help but if u get the answer from someone else someone has probably already done it nd the judges wont be really be surprised or anythin just go with somethin that uve learned threw the year nd u think u were able to ace nd think how that knowledge could be somethin interestin nd experiment-able

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    Build your own wind Generator Its the future and green. Look it up on the net should be pretty easy to scale one down for a science project.

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    Earth science. Why?? There is soo much to discover. It's like going undersea. There is so much depth, so many new things you haven't seen or discovered before.

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    I think you should do a project on sea sponges. They're our pre-animal ancestors, because they were the first organisms to have more than one type of different cell.

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    How about harmful household chemical, that can be used as noise combustion! AKA Bomb! Using household chemicals, cleaners

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    ooooh i know this one ima in 7th grade too i won 2ed place by doin something about the gravity of planets and space how they defer

    Source(s): meeeeeeeeeeee
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    longer lasting gum

    soggier cereal

    Morse code

    moldy bread

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