anyone have a baby diagnosed with NEC or necrotizing enterocolitis? ?

my baby born at 26 weeks weeks and 4 days had NEC surgery last night... he is very sick and only 4 weeks old... he has made it through the night but the doctors dont really assure me that he will recover, he is on maximum support and they are doing everything they can for him....

has anyone else gone through this? what happened with your baby?


my baby actually did not make it... they tried another surgery but he passed a few hours after it, even though it seemed to have help at first...

thank you for all your prayers...i am just happy my baby is no longer in pain

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I haven't experienced this myself, but please know that I am praying for you and your baby right now.

    God is almighty, and remember this--Your baby is in HIS hands, no one else's. Since he is a preemie, it is to be expected that it's sometimes worse before it gets better. Tomorrow is another day, and things CAN get much better for him. He obviously is a feisty little boy, and preemies are stronger than we give them credit for, okay sweetie?

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    God bless the baby and you. Please hold on to hope and faith. He will be fine God will see to that.

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