where is the chat room?

how can i used the chat room in my yahoo messenger

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    1 decade ago
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    To have access to chat rooms with Yahoo messenger you need to make sure that you have either version 9 or 8 of Yahoo messenger. You will not find the chat rooms if you are using Yahoo messenger vista. Or if you are using a mac the latest version for mac has chat rooms.

    If you are using either version 9 or 8, finding the free yahoo chat rooms is easy. You need to go in the menu and find Messenger>Yahoo! Chat>Join a Room.

    The chat will load. You'll need to choose a room from the list that will be shown to you and then you'll need to go through captcha to be able to see and chat with the other people present inside the chat rooms you have chosen. Captcha is simply word verification, if you're having trouble with it you might want to take some time to read this http://freechatrooms.blogspot.com/2008/01/free-yah...

    Beware that there are many bots inside the chat rooms. Bots are computer programs that are used to spam people inside chat rooms. They send many messages and most of the time they try to get you to a site where they will ask you for your credit card information. Be careful. I recommend that for your first experience you stay away from the Romance rooms because that's where the most bots are.

    Good luck, and have fun.

  • 7 years ago

    http://www.secretadmirers.org/anonymous-chat/chatr... This chat room has no bots. I programmed it.

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