How are berbers and arabs different?

my dad is berber people say they dont think their is such ting that their is only arab but we have a diff language


what do u mean bull legged

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes very different. I'm a Berber. We mostly look like Europeans, taller than Arabs, we treat women better than Arabs(like we don't have honor killings) and we are not semitic. Our languages are very different as well.

    Arabs are dark(real arabs not the culturalized arabs) and normally bull legged.

  • 6 years ago

    In contemporary Morocco, there are no differences between Berbers and Arabs except in language. Physically you could not tell the difference between an Arab or a Berber from the same region even if you bet everything you have.

    Most historians claim that Morocco is a majority Berber country that mixed with Arabs physically and culturally. Nowadays most Berbers intermarried with Arabs. I prefer, the medieval terms Moors for us ethnic Moroccans because it describes our Andalusian, African, Arab and Berber heritage.

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    Berbers are the original inhabitants of North Africa. Arabs invaded Berber lands to impose islam through violence. Nowadays, there is a revival of Berberism in North Africa and many Berbers are converting to Christianity, even under pain of death for apostasy.

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    Yes they are two separate groups of people though in Morocco most ppl are likely mixed. The fact is that there is no significant dna difference to separate the two groups and the separation has been divided at language at this point.

    From my reading in the past it is believed that real Berbers are of a Mediterranean race and not Arab. Today most of them are likely mixed with Arab.

    From what I have noticed within Morocco Berbers will state they are Berber. When they leave and non Moroccans ask what ethnicity they are they say Arab though that seems to be the simple answer to a complicated yours :)

    I don't know anyone who says there is not such a thing as Berber ppl.

    Source(s): me~married to a Berber, living in Berber central :-p
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    4 years ago

    Nowadays, Arabs and Berbers are not different physically.Berbers are the original inhabitants of North Africa. They always been living on the coast line of the Mediterranean sea. Berbers are Mediterraneans.True Arabs are originally from Khalidj (Iraq, Saudi Arabia...) they are very dark skin, olive skin, but when they invaded North Africa in the 7th century, Arabs got mixed with the Berbers and Spanish and after many generations, Arabs start looking like Berbers.

    At this present time, Berbers of Algeria, the Kabyles for instance, are proud Berbers. They relatively conserved their culture, their language and they do not like to be identified as Arabs. In fact, they request their Amazigh language to be taught in schools and to be distinguished from Arabs. They fought for years against the Algerian government and the government killed many Berber protesters and supporters of Berberism. Although many identify themselves as Arabs, in Algeria most of wilayates are people of Berber Origin, for example: Boumerdes, Constantine, Souk-Ahrass, Batna, Tebessa, Guelma, Setif, Tipaza, Cherchel, Kolea, Algiers, Beni-M'Zab, ..... Arabs who are themselves foreigners in North Africa always invite other nations to settle in north africa. They brought the Turks, then Turks brought French ....Then again, Berbers had to fight to kick them out Arabs invaders got into north africa by beheading Berbers and through Islam. Berbers got massacred and those who remained alive, ran away to the mountains escaping death by the Arab sword.

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    Arab Berber

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    How are berbers and arabs different?

    my dad is berber people say they dont think their is such ting that their is only arab but we have a diff language

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    Berbers are not arabic and are not Semitic arabs are (to make it short)

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    Most moroccans are mixed like me I'm 75% arab and 25% berber

    My grandma was berber. Even though I'm mostly arab i still look very berber/Europe

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    The Berbers culture slightly different from us the Arab ,but what I saw from our Berbers neighbors in Morocco they are no different accept their language (tachelheet)

    "Me" I thought you are smarter than that you turned out having a child's brain.

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    The only difference between arabs and berbers are the language, they have their own dialect, In morocco there's three berber fractions,the north in the Rif region, in the middle atlas region and down south tiznit and agadir region.


    Now to the genius guy who said they are VERY DIFFERENT...and that they look like EUROPEANS, i thank you so much, you put tears in my eyes from laughing out loud, and he didn't stop there he added "Berbers don't have "honor killings" LoL...I think if you do look like europeans you should have honor killings as a your number one LAW, because you can't look like " EUROPEAN" without having their blood running in your veins....;-)

    Source(s): Moroccan
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