Is this an acceptable apology letter?

Me and my step sister were running around at a school football game. My old band/orchestra teacher was instructing the band and the band and the teacher could not concentrate on what they were doing because of the noise we were making. So she yelled at us every time she saw us. So we thought we would sit down. After a while we got thirsty so we got up and walked down the bleachers and across the bottom of the bleachers. "Where Ms.Townsend was standing." And she yelled at us for walking across the bleachers. So we went above the band where there was atleast 4 rows of bleachers seaperating us and the band, and she comes marching up the staris yelling at us and told us to walk on the grass under/in font of the bleachers. So we turn around and run all the way down the stairs and across the feild when the janitor yells at us and tells us we need to walk in front of the band and across the bleachers because that is the emergancy zone for fire trucks and ambulance only, we try telling him that Ms.Townsend won't let us and we already got in trouble. He doesn't belive us and says "NO ECSUCES!" So we go run back across the feild and up the stairs leading to the bleachers and walk in front of the band and Ms.Townsend yells at us and told us to go back down there and go. We try explaing to her that the janitor said no but she doesn't belive us. So we just walk a little bit over and stand by our signs hanging on the gate of the bleachers when thesse band parents start yelling. So we turn around and they told us to move, so we went up the bleacher stairs and my step sister says under her breath "Ughh to many rules, we can't even enjoy a footballl game or get a drink" And this nasty old band lady parent goes "Ecuse me I can hear you!" And my step sister goes "Well sorry!" -with an attitude. So she gets up and her and my step sister start arguing. In the end I go to schoool the next day and in 6th period my teacher pulls me out of class and sends me to Ms.Townsends class. When I get there she yells at me for it and says "I'm lucky that i'm not getting a refurl and shes going to make the rest of my middle and high school life misrable." Of corse I take that as a threat, and to top it off shes making me write a stupid apology letter. But I'm only getting in trouble because Ms.Townsend knows me really well and not her at all. I try to explin to her what happened but she looks at me like i'm some type of mold and says I don't wanna hear your voice. So....yaa. But tell me if this is a "aceptable" apology letter.

Dear Ms.Townsend and band memebers/parents,

I would like to apologize for being so disrespectful to you. I shouldn;t have been anywhere near you or the band memebers especially since Ms.Townsend instructed not to. I hope that you will esecpt my apology and I promise that this will not be a problem in the future. Thank you for your time.


Marissa Donnelly

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    yeah... i think that that is a very nice letter... i would just proof read it and go over spelling then give it to her personally... that is very nice of you... i hop i helped!!! :<) John Deere Girl

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    I would write it like this;

    I would like to apologize for being so disrespectful to you. I shouldn't have been anywhere near you or the band members and will do my best to avoid it in the future. What a teacher tells me to do is more important than what a janitor tells me to do, even if he is yelling. I hope that you will accept sincere and humble apology and I promise you from the bottom of my heart that this will not be a problem in the future. Thank you so much for your time and understanding. I deeply appreciate it.

    It highlights the fact that you did nothing wrong, and is very subtly snotty, but not in a way she can get you in trouble for. Trust me, I'm 25, so I've been doing this stuff for a long time and have gotten really good at it! ;)

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    attempt this, rather; expensive Ms.Townsend and band memebers/mum and dad, i might desire to basically show regret for being so very disrespectful to you. I don't have been everywhere close to you or the band individuals; it won't take place back. I could have widely used that a instructor's training are greater important than those of a janitor, regardless of how emphatically he's telling one to do something. i wish which you would be beneficiant sufficient to settle for my humblest and maximum trustworthy apology and that i promise you from the backside of my coronary heart that this isn't a concern interior the destiny. thank you so very lots for it sluggish. it is subtly snotty, yet not in a manner that gets you in concern. additionally, it highlights the undeniable fact that it relatively wasn't your fault. i'm stable with those subtleties; I could be, i'm 25 - i've got been doing being diffused for a jointly as now!

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    Do everyone at your school a favor and DROP OUT. It's obvious from your spelling and grammar that you don't value your education; it's obvious from your description of what you did that you have no comprehension of what proper behavior is or what good manners are; and the attitude you cop about being disciplined indicates that you have no context in which to understand that your actions are totally immature and inappropriate.

    Do all of your teachers and the students at your school who value education a favor, and drop out now. School is clearly a waste of time for you and your teachers could take the time they are now wasting on you to work with students who value education.

    How I wish education was not compulsory and schools could throw kids who don't value education out as soon as they reach the age of 12.

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    You should try to explain yourself in the letter. Tell her what happened. Maybe she will be understanding. Also, if you were at the game at your own time (as in after school) I wouldn't worry about the letter. If she continues to make a fuss, go to the prinicipal.

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    it does sound like everyone got a bit over dramatic. its a football game, there is supposed to be noise and distractions..least i know years ago at my games there was.

    the letter sounds fine enough for me, and yes it is accept not esecpt.

    perhaps try talking to this ms townsend and ask her exactly where you are supposed to be able to walk during a game in the bleachers and to get a drink....and what the acceptable noise level should be at a game.

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    It sounds fine to me. (accept not escept though)

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    not esecpt accept and yeah

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