Will skydive make you vomit?

I have weak stomach and hate roller coaster and also have vomit phobia. But I really want to skydive. I think the only thing holding me back from skydiving is the vomiting part. Please tell me your experience.

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    Hi! I'm a skydiving instructor from south east Virginia. I think I can answer your question.

    I've been instructing first time jumpers for a couple of years and I'm not going to lie to you, I have seen a couple of people vomit. However, people actually vomiting is pretty rare and I believe you may have some misconceptions as to why.

    Too frequently, people want to imagine skydiving by wanting to compare it to a roller coaster. Skydiving and roller coasters are not comparable, not one bit. In fact, one of the most common things I hear tandem students say after jumping is, "wow, that was nothing like a roller coaster." And here is why:

    A roller coaster gives you a churning feeling in your stomach because it is exerting an acceleration force on your body. You're essentially going from dead stop at the top and starting a fall, accelerating with gravity. That force of gravity being acted on your body like that is the source of the feeling.

    In skydiving, you won't feel any of those stomach churning feelings because you don't have that same acceleration force. Skydivers reach something called "terminal velocity" in freefall. The frictional forces of the relative wind cause the skydivers to stop accelerating with gravity and keep falling at a constant speed. When exiting a plane, the normal plane speed is about 90mph in a forward direction. So when you leave the plane, your body is already going at 90mph. Over 9 seconds time from leaving the plane, your direction changes more towards straight down and speeds up to about 120mph, which is roughly terminal velocity for a tandem pair (in droguefall). So really, you're only speeding up 30mph from a speed you're already traveling. Once at terminal velocity, there is no net force on your body. Gravitational force has matched frictional force. So here, there is no feeling of falling at all. I'll repeat that, when in terminal velocity, it does NOT even feel like you're falling. It is simply a feeling of floating or flying.

    So, where does the vomiting come from? Once under parachute, the instructor and must steer the parachute towards the landing area. Flying around under parachute sometimes gives people motion sickness and sometimes, they throw up. Note, I have never in my years of skydiving ever seen anyone vomit in freefall. Since there is no feeling of falling, there is no stomach churning feeling. So anyone who ever does throw up, is pretty much motion sickness from the parachute ride. It is in no way related to falling, or feelings of falling. If a roller coaster makes you feel sick, than feel safe in that roller coasters and skydiving will not have any similar feelings on your body.

    Now let's say for example... you were to make a skydive from a helicopter, different story. From a helo, you're going from a dead stop and accelerating to terminal velocity. In 9 seconds, you're going from 0mph to 120mph. That's a bit different! From a helicopter jump (or BASE jump) some of that stomach churning feeling can be there for the first couple of seconds.

    Good luck! I hope you have a fun skydive!



    Source(s): I teach this stuff!
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    not if you keep calm, stress makes the signals in your brain overwhelmed and can lead to nausea

    add that to floating down to earth and you ve got yourself a big problem...so relax and you wont vom tom!

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