Could this be true about OBAMA?

I recieved a email today from a friend with this link. I have no idea if any of this is true or not. Just wondering if any of you out there know...


this info was in the email sent to me along with thie link I gave.

Cutting through all the legalese, etc., here's the situation so far.

A Mr. Berg presented a case before Federal District Court (Philadelphia), last summer, to have Obama, DNC and Federal Elections Commission show evidence, in the face of Berg's powerful evidence to the contrary, that Obama is a 'Natural Born Citizen.'

The defendants moved to dismiss, but the judge denied the motion (9/29) and seemed to think Berg's documented evidence, that Obama was born in Kenya and then naturalized into Indonesia, was powerful enough to order defendants to produce verified documentation to support Obama's 'Natural Born' claim and status. The judge ordered defendants to produce a birth certificate verified by Hawaii, which seems to be a problem, as well as other documents.

On 10/6, defendants filed for protection until they can argue it out. They filed for relief in DC and several levels of goverment agencies. Nix. Defen

Update 2:

On 10/7, a Psychiatrist Dr. Bradley filed a motion to intervene on Berg's behalf. The 'friend' asked to be placed in the records as 'Jane Doe,' citing professional and family reasons. She presented documentation from Obama's grandmother, stepbrother and stepsister that Obama was born in Kenya and, after birth, was rushed to Hawaii to fraudulently file for birth certification. She further documented that Obama's Indonesian step sister was also rushed to Hawaii for US certification after her birth. Further, Bradley produced documentation that Obama had Indonesian citizenship under the name of Barry Soetoro. He also had an Indonesian passport up to and beyond age 18. After moving in with his Grandmother in Hawaii he did not 'naturalize,' as would be required. Bradley's motion is that Obama is actually an illegal Alien.

10/9 In response to defendants' request for evasion and continued secrecy, Berg filed a summary motion for a speedy trial date ... against BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (his post

Update 3:

The court will respond to all of this on 10/15. Today is 10/15. Why do we know this, but not the 'Press?'

Update 4:

I obviously already realize you can't believe everything you hear that is why I am asking if anyone knows anything. Please don't respond with gibberish! If you want to respond please read everything and respond with an informed opinion. Otherwise respond to a different question of interest to you... Thanks

Update 5:

It is a very odd case; that is what is causing me to wonder if it is true. You would think if it was true it would be all over the news.

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    it is a VERY odd case.. i am not sure why it hasn't been addressed.. technically right now.. since O'Bama has failed to respond he has admitted that the accusations are true.. there are several avenues of appeal from here... and since it is a federal court.. it can't really just be swept under the covers.. not sure why it is being handled in such an offhand manner.

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    You cannot believe anything that you hear about either candidate. There are lies being thrown out everywhere.

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    Oh it is, definitely.

    I just inherited a million dollars from a long-lost African relative, too. Thank God they sent me that e-mail informing me about it.

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    its trew walk the plank

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    It's way past the 15th...................I think it's true, but don't know that anything will come of it.

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