what is Downs syndrome?

can some one please tell me what downs syndrome is ?

thanks ... x x

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    down syndrome is a random genetic anomaly that happens in 1 out of 730 live births. It can happen to any woman at any age, but studies have shown that after 35 yrs old the risks increase. However, the most women having children with down syndrome are under 35 yrs old simply because they are the largest group having children at the time. The most common form of DS is Trisomy 21 where there are 3 chromosomes on the 21st instead of two. 90% of people with DS have this form. Mosaics DS is where there is an extra copy of the chromosome on only some cells. The only form of down syndrome that can be inherited is Translocation and is quite rare only 3-4% of the down syndrome population have this form.

    With that being said there are quite a few common characteristics of down syndrome. epicanthal fold on the eye lids making them look like an asian decent. brush field spots in the iris' this gives the impression of the eyes sparkling (white spots in the irises), broader nose bridge, shallow pallet, and larger tongue, this can and does cause speech problems and delays. congenital heart defects as well as intestinal blockages that require surgery sometimes to correct. shorter in stature, simean crease on the palms of the hands (single unbroken line across the palm of the hand) shorter long bones in the arms and legs, flat feet, sandal tow (large gap between the big toe and the next) as well as cognitive delays. One thing to remember about all of these characteristics though is that not everyone with DS has to have all of them, They are as individual as you and I....some may have a few characteristics, while others may have a lot. but all in all they do inherit their looks form their parents as well.

    Everyone always says that "down syndrome kids are so sweet" that makes me laugh, yes they are sweet but they are also stubborn and oppinionated...lol in other words they are more like "typical" kids than everyone realizes....they learn, laugh, love and play. What really sets them apart form everyone else is that they are so accepting of all people, it doesn't matter to them what color skin you may have, or what religion you are, or what disability you may have....you are accepted for who you are. That makes them true teachers of humanity.

    Source(s): mom to a little boy with down syndrome
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    It is a disorder in which the person has an extra chromosome. Also known as Trisomy 21. The people with Down Syndrome typically have a lower IQ and are born with heart conditions (hole in the heart between right and left ventrical) and have speech and language difficulties. There are other physical descriptors as well. A helpful link is listed below.

  • Here is a website that you can visit to get more information about Down Syndrome.

    National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS)


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    You can research that yourself, try starting with Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Down%27s_syndrome

    But to sum it up: it's a chromosomal disorder that wouldn't be so bad on it's own, but the big problem is that individuals with Downs syndrome frequently have poor cognitive abilities and lower IQ. Again, read the link for more details.

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    Syndrome of a Down is what happens when the life sauce slightly misses the intended target. Basically the one cells didn't have amazing precision training as I have.

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    Down syndrome is caused when someone has an extra chromosome. This results in all kinds of health problems for a baby and this ailment can be preventing by ensuring a women who is expecting a baby have all the vitamins and minerals her body needs.

    Here is a good video that shares more about the disease and how someone can get it.


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