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I just early voted they changed out early voting location from the county building to a Baptist church that is?

predominately Black. I go to the church to vote and as I am driving up I see a multitude of Vote For signs. There are signs for congressman and senators and, of course, President. I saw a total of 10 signs for President (this in an area of about 1 city block). Of those signs 9 were for Obama and 1 was for McCain. There were people out picking up paper that was obviously political signs that had been torn down. My guess is these were all McCain signs. Can someone tell me how Obama supporters get to keep all their signs and who made the decision to have this election in a Black Baptist Church? I felt like I was being intimidated by Obama supporters. Up to and including the church members talking about how great it was to see all of his supporters coming out to vote.

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    As I understand it, each county government decides the polling places and the election judges. I thought all early voting was held at the county office (and annex, if there is one) and then the general election used various polling places which includes churches. There's laws about "electioneering" which means anyone with a sign or shirt or anything pushing for a particular candidate has to stay X amount of feet from the polling place entrance and cannot go in and vote if they wear a shirt or some such with a candidate's name on it. However, I've been to many voting places where these laws are not enforced and you'd have to call the county sheriff's office to get them enforced and then if someone comes out to enforce them, there's no penalty. There's a black precinct in East Texas where some voters were greatly upset by people hanging over their shoulders when they voted and by other illegal behavior. They came to me (a local person in the media) and I called the State of Texas. It was explained to me that those actions were illegal but they had no government body that dealt with them directly - that each individual voter with a complaint would have to get a lawyer and take it to court at their own expense! This happened 20 years ago. It still happens in that precinct. Every election. The county elected officials count on that precinct for support (only Dems are elected in that county) and one of the things they give in exchange is the choice to have a corrupt election judge. It's the way it is there. I hoped at the time that it was the exception to the rule. Also in that county, the democrat candidate signs stay put, wherever placed. The republican candidates' signs are torn down and carted off or left rotting in some watery grave. It's simply the way it is there. And at other precincts across the country. There's more. Much more. I've been fighting it for 25 years. My most recent attempt is a book about it and a screenplay. Doubt if they are published or produced because who would believe it's true? But I will keep trying.

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    you have actually defined basically WHY Republicans desire to clamp down on greater handy approaches to vote. and that i don't understand why only Democrats vote early and vote absentee, as you assert. I continually vote interior an hour of whilst the polls open (and that i don't vote Democrat from now on - used to). I worked the polls one 365 days and had a Democrat throw a tantrum because of the fact she grow to be asked for identity. in spite of each little thing, basically one guy or woman sees that identity. cities everywhere in the rustic checklist having greater votes than they have registered electorate. Why? ordinary answer: Fraud. college pupils vote of their college city and vote absentee of their abode cities. there is not any stable thank you to seize Fraud in those situations. Elections are meant to be honest. One vote for one voter. extremely you compromise with this.

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    I don't know where you live but here in Ohio you can't have any political signs, messages, etc on the grounds of any polling place and you aren't allowed to wear any buttons or pins in to vote

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    Good thing for the curtain around the booth then. You don't have to tell anyone who you are voting for. Don't be afraid of black people, they are just people, even though they look different than you, and one of them is going to be our next president!

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